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2 and 2 NFL Teams

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2 and 2 Teams


Dan Skip Allen

      We’re in week 5 of the NFL season but there haven’t been very many stand out teams. Last week there were eight undefeated teams this week there are only three left. The New England Patriots, The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Most NFL teams are 2 and 2. Teams that started good have come back to the pack and teams that started bad have come to life. Who of these 13, 2 and 2 teams will make the playoffs? Let’s discuss…

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. Philadelphia Eagles

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13. Carolina Panthers

14. Cleveland Browns

15. Minnesota Vikings

16. Tennessee Titans

17. Houston Texans

18. Jacksonville Jaguars

19. Los Angeles Chargers

22. New York Giants

25. Oakland Raiders

26. Indianapolis Colts

     The Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles have the best chance of making the playoffs. The Ravens play in the awful AFC North they will play more teams they can beat as the season moves forward despite still having to play the Patriots. The Eagles play in a tough NFC EAST but they are the cream of the crop of potential wild card teams. The Carolina Panthers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers could make a run in the NFC NORTH but I doubt it. The Vikings are in a tough NFC NORTH but if they get their stuff together they have the players to make a run. The Cleveland Browns could surprise in the AFC North but they have to play better in all phases of the game. 

     The rest of these teams seem unlikely to make the playoffs from this point in the season. You never know though. There still is ¾ of the NFL season left to play. 

Dan Skip Allen