2015 World Series Predictions

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Hey all – Steve here. We are on the eve of the World Series. We have a repeat customer and a customer that hasn’t been to the store in 15 years. We have 2 teams that haven’t won the whole damn thing in 29 and 30 years respectively. We have 2 fan bases that are absolutely starving for a parade. Historically, we have what could be the best post-season starting rotation in history and what could be the best bullpen in post-season history. Have I built this thing up enough yet? We have the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. The Royals, winners of 95 regular season games and the AL Central Champs have gone through the Wild-Card Houston Astros (86 wins) and the AL East Champion Toronto Blue Jays (93 wins). The Mets, winners of 90 regular season games and the NL East Champs have gone through the NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers (92 wins) and the Wild Card Chicago Cubs (97 wins). The Royals are now 7-4 in the playoffs and the Mets are 7-2. None of that matters now.

The Mets and Royals are looking to squeeze 4 more wins out of their respective seasons. Let’s look at the standings through the Division and Championship Series:

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.45.24 PM

The ONLY one that I got wrong was the Blue Jays beating the Royals. Yes, I got it wrong and will it come back to haunt me with the Royals beating my Mets? I wouldn’t bet on it. The Royals were here last year and couldn’t get the job done against the Giants. They are hungry and they don’t want to become the Buffalo Bills of baseball. It’s been over 20 years since the Buffalo Bills did what they did – these types of things sure do last a long time. Anyway, I digress. The Mets have no business being where they are. They hit the gas at the trade deadline and haven’t looked back. I dare you to find anyone that had any logical reason that picked the Mets to win the division back in March. I picked them for the Wild Card because they had the pitching and I thought they would stick around and I am a Mets fan that will leak orange and blue if you cut me. My point is that the Mets are playing with house money and they will have a bit less pressure on them that the Royals will. The Royals pitching is no match for the Mets pitching on paper and we all saw what the Mets pitching did to the “unstoppable” offense of the Cubs. The bullpen overall certainly favors the Royals, but Met fan or not, La Familia is the best closer in the game. I will not go position by position because that is a virtual tie.

Game 1 is tomorrow night at 8:07pm and one of these two teams will be ending a very long drought. Let’s now take a look at the predictions from the staff. Pay careful attention to the picks from Mike and David – they are the only 2 that have picked against the Mets in all 3 series. Turns out all of that Back to the Future hype was all…well, hype. Without further adieu, here are your final baseball picks for the year. Oh, and if you want to check out our picks from April, click here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.58.07 PM