2016 NFL Picks: Week 17

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Hey all – Steve here. Week 17 is here and I don’t know where the regular season went! Every year it seems to go by quicker and quicker. As always in Week 17, there are a lot of playoff scenarios that could go down. A team like the Redskins needs to win to get in, so they control their own destiny. The Raiders still haven’t locked up the division and if they aren’t carrful (yes, I so went there) in Denver, the Chiefs will swoop in and grab it from them. The Packers and the Lions are going to battle for the division in the Sunday night flex game and the Pack is on fire! The Giants have nothing to play for and neither do the Cowboys, so the stories there will be how much time do the starters get for each of those games. Will there be a Tony Romo sighting? Will the Saints continue to win at the game of spoilers?

Lots of questions, but let’s get to the most important question of them all – how are your favorite experts doing with their picks? Let’s get it going for Week 17!

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Week 17 Picks