2016 NFL Picks: Week 4

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Hey all – Steve here with your Week 4 picks. We have already fast forwarded to the first bye week of the year and first up for the bye week are the Packers and the Eagles. Is it better to have the bye week early on or later on? For the Eagles I think it is a disadvantage as they have gone 3-0 out of the gates and seem to be on fire. For this Giants fan that is all good and all I can hope for is for them to cool the hell off! Speaking of cooling the hell off, hot chief DSO and Mike are off to red-hot starts of their own. Mike sizzled in Week 3 and now sits in 2nd place overall behind one hot chief DSO. The rest of us had pretty mediocre weeks last week (thanks Giants, Texans, Cardinals and Steelers) despite some match-ups that I thought were in the bag!

Yes, Jader’s picks are missing, but they will be in by Thursday night. He is partying it up in Miami at the Anthrax and Slayer concert! That might bode well for the rest of our picks!

Update: Jader’s picks are now in and he is clearly delusional as he picked the Vikings over the Giants. Obviously.

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Week 4 Picks