2016 NFL Picks: Wild Card Round

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Hey all – Steve here. If your team is playing this weekend, congrats! I know you are all nervous as hell…well, unless you are a Seahawks fan. Let’s get to it. Week 17 saw us go 74-38 and we are now 1,058-665 overall. The Sportz Nutt gets the dubious honor of hitting 100 losses first this season. Hey, it’s gotta be someone!

Hey, but before we get to it, let’s take a real quick of the weather forecast for these games:

Raiders at Texans – Dome. No weather.

Lions at Seahawks – Cloudy and temps in the mid-30’s. Really doesn’t matter.

Dolphins at Steelers – Sunny and temps around 20 degrees. Not something the Dolphins are used to.

Giants at Packers – Sunny and temps in the low teens. Too bad we won’t get to see Tom Coughlin’s bright red face in this weather.

Week 17


Overall Standings


Wild Card Round Picks