2017 NFL Picks: Championship Weekend

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s time to talk some Championship Sunday picks! First, let’s play a quick game of which one doesn’t belong:

Case Keenum

Nick Foles

Tom Brady

Blake Bortles

Who ya got? It’s clearly Thomas Brady, right? He isn’t nearly as good as the other 3.

Alright, enough of that. Last week as a team we were 14-10 and I remained in a first place tie with The Sportz Nutt for the overall season ranks. You can take these scores to the bank and then take a look at our picks for today!

Patriots 21 Jags 17

Vikings 21 Eagles 14

I would LOVE to see the Jags and the Vikings in the Super Bowl and from there the Vikings take it in Minny, but I just don’t see how the Patriots can lose this game. The only way that happens is if Tom Brady’s hand splits open again. Only time will tell. Here we go!

Divisional Round

Overall Standings

Championship Sunday Picks