2017 NFL Picks: Divisional Playoffs

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Hey all – Steve here. Wild Card Weekend is in the rear view mirror and it’s time for the Divisional Playoffs. This is where the teams who were good enough to get last week off and watch the other teams battle it out to see who would face them. As of right now all of the home teams are favored to win. Well, all but one home team – the Eagles. It would be a different story if their QB hadn’t suffered that knee injury, but such is life, right? Some of you have asked for scores. Well, here you go!

Falcons 27 Eagles 21

Patriots 34 Titans 20

Steelers 24 Jags 10

Vikings 23 Saints 20

There you go people. BOOK it. Send me my half on Monday morning. Unless these picks go south on me in which case I don’t wanna hear from ya!

Let’s get to it.

Wild Card Weekend

Overall Standings

Divisional Playoffs Picks