2017 NFL Picks: Super Bowl 52

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Hey all – Steve here. This is it people. Weren’t we just so excited for the NFL season to begin? It has flown by. Especially for us fans of teams that completely sucked this season! So we have ourselves a Patriots/Eagles Super Bowl, eh? Look – as you heard on the podcast this week this is one of my worst nightmares. Maybe it would be worse if it was the Cowboys and not the Eagles. The fact is that I hate both of these teams. Now I hate the Eagles even more for making me root for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Why do I want the Patriots the win over the Eagles? Here:

1. I hate the Eagles.

2. The Eagles have never won a title. It is the one thing I have over the Eagles as a Giants fan.

3. Selfishly, I want the Giants to be the only team to have knocked off Tom and the Pats.

Hey, the reasons are what the reasons are. Mature or not – you are not here to judge me. And if you are go visit another site. I’m kidding – I love ya. Just don’t come over here rooting for the Eagles. Alright, let’s get to last weeks picks, the standings and then the picks for the big game! Oh – The Sportz Nutt is picking the Eagles because of our current first place tie in the standings. That is the only reason. If that wasn’t the reason he might be looking for another site to write for! Here we go!

Last Week

Overall Standings

Super Bowl Picks