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2018 NFL Staff Predictions

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Hey all, Steve here. It is Opening Kick-off Eve and that means CineSportsTalk Staff Predictions! I don’t usually do too much talking when it comes to our staff predictions, but my fingers are feeling frisky so here goes nothing!

2012 was our first year covering the NFL. It was our first year making predictions for the season as well as our week to week picks. We only had a handful of CST Experts back then, but we had some fun with it. Fast forward to present day and we will have 12 CST Experts making predictions and picking games from week to week. We’ve had quite the growth spurt and I couldn’t be more proud of the team we have build. Alright, enough of the sappy nonsense – if I continue I’ll turn into Tom Brady.

This year the NFL is more up-for-grabs than it has been in recent years. There really isn’t that team that stands out and says “this year is mine”. You would think that of the Patriots, but Tom Brady is another year older and into his 40’s and outside of Gronk he doesn’t have much of a set of receivers. That being said, you can never count Brady and the Patriots out so you will notice that more than half of us still have them going to the Super Bowl.

You will see lots of Saquon Barkley picks for Rookie of the Year. You will see a lot of NY Giants winning the division and getting to or winning the Super Bowl. It’s just one of those New York things about the site. Everything else is sort of all over the place which just shows you how wide open the league actually is. The (finally) Super Bowl Champion Eagles are not even heavy favorites to win their own division this year.

Who is going to win the MVP? Brady? Rodgers? Brees? I think that award is also wide open. I think this year it would be a safe bet for me to have a shot at winning the MVP – yeah, I said it.

I believe we should get to the meat and potatoes of this thing after that last remark. First, I want to remind you of our predictions from last year! Take a look and let us all know what you think!

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