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2019 NFL Picks: Week 1

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Hey all – Steve here. The time has come! As always, I won’t go too long here, but let’s touch on a few match-ups. We already saw a very defensive (boring) game on Thursday night between the Packers and Bears. I think we will see a few more of those kinds of clunkers as teams continue to feel each other out. Rams at Panthers feels like it could be a good game and a potential shoot-out. The insane offense of the Chiefs heads to Jacksonville to face a defense that was nothing short of amazing 2 years ago and one that also fell back to earth a season ago. The Giants head to Dallas in a rivalry game that could go either way, although the expectations for the teams this year are night and day. Finally, the Steelers at the Patriots. Wow, what a turn of events over the weekend with Antonio Brown. He won’t be playing, but he will be on the sidelines. The only thing that could have added more intrigue to this game is if it was in Pittsburgh. Let’s get to our Week 1 picks!

Last years final standings:

Week 1 Picks