CineSportsTalk vs The “Experts”: 2015 Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

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Hey everyone – Steve here.

Spring time means a couple of things. It means warmer weather (unless you are in the Northeast), it means everyone trying to get their summer body on and it means baseball and fantasy baseball. This time of year is an exciting time at CineSportsTalk. The first thing we like to do is to go head to head with the so called experts out there. Here are the “experts” for this year:

Steve Gardner, USA Today – Ranked as the most accurate of all Fantasy Baseball forecasters

Tristan H. Cockcroft, ESPN – Ranked #2 and the H stands for Happy

The Yahoo Sports Staff

Michael Beller, Sports Illustrated

Ryan Fowler, Fox Sports

The staff

Now that we have the introductions out of the way…let’s get started.

The “Experts”

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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.32.44 PM

Now that we have the so-called experts out of the way, let’s get to the real experts at CST. I really do love some of those guys. I listen to Cockcroft every day on his podcast with Eric Karabell. They are absolutely outstanding. Anyway, let’s go.


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Steve’s Top 10

10. Felix Hernandez


King Felix is just absurd. Last year all people were talking about was his velocity being down. What does he do? 15-6 with a 2.14 ERA and a WHIP less than 1.

9. Jose Bautista


Now that I have him in my top 10, he will get hurt. Trade him and trade him now! If he stays healthy he is likely to put up 35 and 100 again.

8. Robinson Cano


Not many people have him in the top 10, but I don’t see how you leave him out. Yes his power numbers are down, but this is as professional a hitter as you can get at 2nd base. For me, position scarcity plays a part when drafting.

7. Miguel Cabrera


This guy is pissed at all of you doubters out there. I had him as my number 1 last year and he just wasn’t. He recently said that he felt terrible all last year and yet he still managed 25 and 109 with a .313 average. Give me that all day long. He is absolutely still a top 10 guy.

6. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu

I took Abreu 160th overall last year. I predicted he would be the rookie of the year in the American League. Am I good or what? 36 bombs and 107 RiBeye Steaks. Look for a bit of a drop in average, but the power numbers to stay around the same. Draft him with confidence.

5. Clayton Kershaw


This man is a flat out beast. To see him give up 2 runs in a game is shocking. He might just be the number 2 guy, but I will never be ready to put a pitcher in the top spot.

4. Giancarlo Stanton


The Marlins signed this man to an absurd contract (although they are only really going to pay him for the first 6 years at a cheaper rate). There is no questioning this mans power. Any of my guys from 2-5 could be number 2.

3. Paul Goldschmidt


This guy is a flat out beast. He was hurt at the end of last year when he was well on his way to another great season. He should be a lock for 30 and 100, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he closes in on 40 dongs this season. Yes, I said dongs.

2. Andrew McCutchen


McCutchen is the best overall player in the National League. The Pirates are very lucky to have him and he makes them so dangerous. He does it all and that is why he is my number 2.

1. Michael Trout


I called him Michael because that is the only way to mix things up a bit. Michael is #1. Drops Mike…wait – don’t ever drop Mike. You knew what I meant.

Scott’s Top 10

10. Anthony Rizzo


Here is a guy that I’m not exactly enamored with, but given the choice of Encarnacion or Rizzo, I’ll go with the higher ceiling.

9. Robinson Cano


Cano is my pick here just because of position scarcity.  If the above 8 are gone, I’m grabbing Cano to fill my 2b slot.

8. Jose Bautista


The model of consistency. Steve wants him tested for roids every 20 minutes.

7. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu

This is a bit of a reach for me, but he goes in my top 10 on potential alone.

6. Clayton Kershaw


I usually don’t put a pitcher in my top 10 but I will make an exception for this game changer.

5. Paul Goldschmidt


The best first baseman in baseball. Let’s hope he plays a full season.

4. Miguel Cabrera


Yes Miggy is another year older but until I start to see a Pujols type decline, hes a top 5 player.

3. Giancarlo Stanton


I might have put him at number two if it weren’t for his injury history and if he didn’t change his name to Giancarlo.

2. Andrew McCutchen


I went back and forth between McCutch and Giancarlo Stanton and in the end I went with more durable name.

1. Mike Trout


Has there ever been a wider gap between 1 and 2?

The Sportz Nutt’s Top 10

10. Josh Donaldson


Think about how impressive his numbers were in Oakland. Now think about how much better they’ll be with a better offense in a ballpark that allows for more hits and homeruns. Scary good.

9. Jose Bautista


He’s got more protection around him, a much better offense and the division is weak with its pitching. He will be amazing this year.

8. Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu

I think there will be some power regression here, but this White Sox team is capable of winning that division. He’s good, he’s young and he’s got some raw power. Now he’ll have even more batters to drive in.

7. Carlos Gomez


I was wrong.

6. Miguel Cabrera


This is only if he has 3B eligibility, which makes him a tremendous talent. He’s fading a bit overall, but his numbers should still be steady like a rock. He is also playing with an improved lineup, and should have plenty of RBI opportunities.

5. Paul Goldschmidt


With numbers just lower than McCutchen, he’s still a 5 tool player. Playing the position of 1B helps, but he’s also playing in a good ballpark for offense, and he’ll play a lot at Coors Field.

4. Clayton Kershaw


Can’t believe I’m picking a pitcher this early, but he is in a class all his own. He’s ridiculously dominant and he owns his opponents. He’s just that damn good and can win you a league (that’s not 5X5). If you have categories like CG and SHO, he’s worth a pick in the top 3.

3. Andrew McCutchen


Anytime you can get a 5 tool fantasy asset like this, you have to jump all over it. And up and down. I understand if you want to draft him 2nd instead of 3rd, as the batting average should be significantly better with McCutchen. I merely want McCutchen third because of the power difference.

2. Giancarlo Stanton


Such a powerful threat, in this the age where 30 HR is considered elite power. He will hit at least 40. And now that the lineup is even better, he could amass 50 HR. Think about that. He might hit more HR this season than most of 2-3 any other starters combined.

1. Mike Trout


No doubt that the best player in baseball is also the best fantasy player. If you have the #1 pick, take him. If you don’t have the #1 pick and you still get him, then write down the teams that passed on him and watch for them to be lower in the standings end of the year…..and trade with them too!