Claudio Says BABY DRIVER Is The Action Symphony Of The Summer

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In a summer void of smart action movies, Edgar Wright has come to save us all! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great year, but no action movie has been the full package. It’s a lot of punch-slash-punch, which is still entertaining, but “Baby Driver” takes it to another level. The film stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, a young and more than capable getaway driver that suffers from tenitis, who has been the driver for Doc, played by Kevin Spacey, since he was young. Once he meets the girl of his dreams, Deborah played by Lily James, the race to leave the shady business behind without harming the ones he loves ensues.

Baby, baby, baby! As always, Edgar Wright has a general quirkiness to his movies. It’s displayed tremendously in the Cornetto trilogy and his rendition of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” There’s physical comedy and verbal comedy and the direction of Wright finds a way to meld them together in harmony. Some gags are subtle, but they’ll hit you like a train once you realize what just happened. I’d like to drive around in a Corvette listening to Foo Fighters with this movie.

The story lacks in certain areas, particularly the romance between Baby and Deborah, but the over the top fun and wit is enough to let that slide. The lines are as sharp as ever as they are delivered organically by the entire cast. John Hamm (Buddy) is a force of nature in this. His charming and almost uncle like demeanor makes his intense scenes all the more terrifying. Kevin Spacey is plucked straight out of “House of Cards”, but plays second fiddle to Hamm and is a sort of father figure for Baby. The two antagonists are enough to give the film some actual stakes, something missing from a lot of movies these days. It’s a shame both actors are stand outs because it means Jamie Foxx is third in that list of awesome performances. You can tell he had a lot of fun with the role of Bats. There’s not much to his background, but he’s an interesting enough foil for Baby.

As for the title character, Ansel knocks it right out of the park. Some of you may be familiar with his work in the Divergent series and “The Fault in Our Stars.” I haven’t seen the latter, but I hear nothing but good things about his performance and Disney’s interest in him when they were casting Han Solo speaks volumes of his potential so much that we forgive “Divergent.” This movie wouldn’t have work if Elgort wasn’t so damn smooth. A man of little words, he was able to keep Baby from being one dimensional and as invincible as the trailers conveyed him. I’m looking forward to the next step in his career.

The rushed romance aside, the film itself had a romantic vibe to it. The attention to detail from Wright and company is astounding and should be studied for decades to come. The action is combined with set ups to jokes that pay off in the best way. Mike and Sully would be proud; yes, that’s a hint. “Baby Driver” is definitely an Edgar Wright film and you’d be a better person for going out and supporting this movie!

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