Claudio Says DESPICABLE ME 3 Ends Franchise On A Thud

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Who would’ve thought that those cute and yellow minions would permeate our culture for this long? After having their own separate outing gross a billion dollars, the minions are back to support Gru in his effort to leave the villain life behind, but unbeknownst to Gru, he has a twin brother named Dru?! You can’t make this stuff up, people. Steve Carell returns to voice Gru and his brother with Kirsten Wiig playing his wife, Lucy.

I didn’t catch the sequel to the first Despicable Me, which I absolutely adored. I remember seeing it in Spanish the first time and dying of laughter when Agnus finally gets here stuffed unicorn. The minions were an obvious shtick, but they were in the backdrop as the story focused on Gru’s rehabilitation and coming to terms with being a father. This third installment loses what made the first movie so charming while Gru gains a bigger family.

Kristen Wiig’s Lucy was new for me, but her and Gru’s relationship felt so organic, I was willing to welcome her into my life as well. Unfortunately, with a wife on the scene, the kids got less of a shine. That’s where Gru’s heart should’ve always resonated the most at. While you still get moments with Gru and his daughters, it’s not as impactful because of the time wasted on his brother, who was kind of plain dumb. Each set of characters had their own plot lines that didn’t develop much at all. The way they’re brought back together doesn’t feel natural at all. It really felt like a bunch of little short animated episodes put together for an hour and a half special.

Despite my less than stellar reaction to the movie, my nephews loved it. Isn’t that really all that matters here? This installment doesn’t offer adults as much as the previous iterations and loses its charm, but it doesn’t insult your intelligence or that of its target audience. I can’t say it belongs in the pantheon of greatest animated movies, but I can say it’ll be a treat for the kids and you won’t want to pull your teeth out.

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