Claudio Says EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! is a deep movie with a party boy wrapping!

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“Everybody Wants Some!!” is the spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused” and is brought to us by the guy who shot “Boyhood” over the course of twelve years, Richard Linklater. Judging from his resume, Linklater is the kind of director to take a simple story that has fun in it and mix it with elements of finding one’s identity as a youth. The story stars a Miami native, Blake Jenner, as Jake, the freshmen pitcher in his college baseball team. Everyone in this film is relatively unknown, but they all hit it out of the park and I see bright futures for them all.

Something that I appreciate from movies is the attention to detail. The plot doesn’t really center on the baseball aspect, but it shows that the makers did their research on how teams interacted. In their town, they’re the jocks the run the place in the sense you would think a football team would in most movies. You see how students all over campus perceive them because of how they carry themselves. At the end of the day; however, the group of guys we follow are all skirt chasing, competitive driven, regular guys that happen to swing a bat better than some.  It was easy to relate to the characters.


The story also takes place during a small period before classes actually start for Jake to settle in the college lifestyle with the help of the team’s guru, Finnegan, played charismatically by Glen Powell. This guy needs more roles as soon as possible. While the skirt chasing style of this bunch comes off dated, Finnegan actually offers insight to the rest of the team when they do what they do. He also adds a lot of the comedy to this film.

While on the subject of the comedy, this movie didn’t miss a beat. The gags were spread out evenly enough to still keep some levity to what the movie is trying to teach. Even when the movie decides to slow down, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it easier for the more deep portions to soak in. It’s like most Tarantino films, driven by dialogue. A lot of what’s enjoyable about this movie is the chemistry between everyone. I honestly have no qualms with any of the performances. Richard Linklater manages to pull out knock out performances from each of the actors.

I’ve praised this film a lot so far, but one thing that I noticed was that it was a bit too long for the story it was telling. It wasn’t by much, but I do think they could’ve trimmed a little more off. Overall, this is a movie worth seeing in theaters for the soundtrack alone! Yes, they actually play “Everybody Wants Some!!” for anyone who was worried. The humor is fantastic, the actors are tremendous; Quintin Johnson needs more roles, and the Linklater, who is the real star, gives us a great, new coming of age story for a new generation.

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