Claudio Says FATE OF THE FURIOUS Misses Its Exit

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I think the pun in the title is stretching it quite a bit, but if you think about it, it’s perfect for this movie! “Fate of the Furious” brings back all our favorite characters from Fast 7 post Paul Walker’s death so I was curious to see how they take the franchise from that. James Wan’s interpretation of the franchise embraced the ridiculousness of the series without questioning your intelligence. He followed the rules of the world that he was building as stupid as it was. F. Gary Gray’s “Fate of the Furious” does not.

The story is not what you’re going to be coming out buzzing about when you see this movie. It’s beyond convoluted. Things just plain don’t make sense and happen out of pure coincidence or convenience. The readers would say, “what did you expect from a Fast and Furious movie?!” A good movie; I expected a good movie. While it can be as stupid as it wants, it’s another story when it takes its own plot and tosses the continuity out the window by the end of the film.


I promise if we made a drinking game and took a shot every time the word “family” was uttered, we’d be blasted by the second hour. What we loved from the other seven movies was that family dynamic between the team. Unfortunately, we don’t get as much of that this time around. It’s still a story about family, just not how we’re used to and that’s not a bad thing, just disappointing. Characters like Diesel’s Dom, Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs, and Statham’s Deckard Shaw stand out the most. The chemistry between Hobbs and Shaw is the highlight of the film. For those disappointed there wasn’t much of The Rock in Fast 7, you’ll be happy coming out of this one. While these actors pop on screen, I don’t feel the rest of the characters were given their fair share. I don’t believe Michelle Rodriguez was directed as well as she has been. A lot of her lines were bad, but a good director would still help her turn them around. I was especially bothered by the treatment of Ramsey’s character played by Nathalie Emmanuel. She’s super shafted in this film and it feels like a man has the one up on here at every turn. Noticing that probably tainted my experience more than anything because it happened SO much.

Past all the negatives I had, the positive that I went in hoping for was the dumb, over the top action. When the credits rolled and the name of the Second Unit Director/Action Choreographer passed by, I looked at Shire and said, “that’s the real MVP.” While the main director didn’t do it for me, the action never disappointed. Every scene that followed the one before gets better and better. That’s where any ridiculousness can happen and be welcomed.

“Fate of the Furious” is the weakest film in the post racing era. I don’t believe they chose a director that matched well with actors. The story was too disjointed even for a Furious movie and the “family” we came to love wasn’t in full force like before. However, if you’re a fan of this series, go see it. I would totally recommend this for anyone looking for a good time. I just can’t say it’s a good movie.

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