Claudio Says KONG: SKULL ISLAND Is Everything You Need From A Monster Movie

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Remember that gorilla movie Peter Jackson made that was about forty minutes too long? Well, they done it again. By that, I mean that King Kong is back and bigger than ever…literally. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts brings along Tom Hiddleston as James Conrad, Sam Jackson as Colonel Packerd, Brie Larson as Weaver, and John C. Riley as Marlow. There are so many other characters in this movie, but those are the four that kind of in a way, but not really, matter? That okay because we came to see Kong beat the living spirit out of some skull crawlers with his killer quads!

The story of “Kong: Skull Island” is a very simple one. A new island is discovered and shows potential of harboring these dangerous creatures and like typical stupid humans, they need to go investigate! From there, it’s just a game of survival for the humans as Kong protects his home and its natives from creatures below. I don’t want to go into the characters too much because there really isn’t too much to them. They’re there to guide us through the runtime to the parts where Kong has to save them. The only characters that do have some added depth are Sam Jackson’s Packard and John C. Riley’s Marlow. Packard has this almost psychological tunnel vision that springboards him to the center of the conflict with Kong. Jackson plays a wonderful antagonist and is probably the only human alive who can take on this 50-story tall beast. On the other side is Riley’s Marlow bringing the humanity to the film. He really makes you root for him and his story to pay off big. Bar one bad joke from the trailer, his lines are great. Hiddleston and Larson are eye candy. I love them to death as actors, but they don’t add much.


What are we really for again? That’s right: EPIC MONSTER FIGHTS WITH SLOW MOTION. Every single moment involving Kong is jaw dropping. The fight choreography had me feeling anxious the entire time. The monsters aren’t stupid. Even Kong shows signs of advanced intelligence, which makes up for a lack of development. That’s not to say his character was non-existent, but if you compare it to the Peter Jackson version, he pales in that department. What you mainly get is that Kong is king and he’s crucial to keeping the island from being overrun, thus, the Earth from being overrun. This is one of those few movies that I would highly recommend seeing in IMAX. Skip the 3D; it’s horrible.

This will be a rather short review because there wasn’t much to the human characters. What you need to know is that Kong is an incredible force on the screen. Within fifteen minutes, you see him and continue to see him for most of the movie. The action is amazing and the cinematography is inspiring. This is the most fun monster film in a long time, including the recent Godzilla. For the love of Suicide Squad, stay until the end!

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