Claudio Says PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES Is A Surprisingly Good Time!

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Pride…prejudice…and zombies?! The premise alone sounds ridiculous and when I first heard of it, I really considered the theory that Hollywood was to burn to the ground once this releases. It’s even being released in February, which is the toilet bowl of the movie year. Walking out of this film, I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it. “Pride, Prejudice, and Zombie” stars Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet, Sam Reily as Mr. Darcy, and Jack Huston as Mr. Wickham.

I never read the Jane Austen classic, but I’m aware that it’s roughly about a relationship between two people from different social classes. The movie does a fun thing of adding martial arts and language to the mix. The country where someone trains is actually a factor in what class they belong to.  The intro was one of my favorite parts because it used a series of animated maps to build the world that this takes place in, which fits perfectly for the era. It reminded me of “Attack on Titan”, the animated show and not that awful movie, because the humans have built this giant wall to keep the zombies out. The conflict comes when some start showing up in the town. However, it’s the women in this movie that kick the most ass! Liza Bennet and her sisters tear through hoards better than most of the men do in this movie.

Former Doctor Who, Matt Smith, plays one of the more squeamish men in the movie. While of the upper class, he doesn’t have a lot of training and plays the damsel in distress hilariously. It felt like each character had a purpose, which isn’t always the case. While everyone had their own one liners, it wasn’t overused and placed at the right spot. If anything, you can walk out knowing the writer turned in a solid script before shooting started. The direction of the film faltered in some areas though.

I wasn’t sure if it was the editing or my poor listening skills, but some parts of the movie just weren’t clear enough. It lost me at points as I found myself asking, “What was the motivation for what just happened?” It didn’t ruin the overall experience, but I was invested in the film and would’ve liked a clearer picture of what got us from point A to point B. Some scenes looked cut in quickly to imply a story point, but they needed to give us enough time to process what was happening. In a good way, it makes me want to re-watch it to catch things I couldn’t the first time around, but not everyone is like me and goes multiple times to see a movie.

There really isn’t much to say besides that for a February release, “Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies” is a really fun time. This is a popcorn flick at its best. You won’t be captured by the acting, which still isn’t bad, but by the quick and clean action, the well placed humor, and the gore that all zombie films are famous for. The idea sounds stupid, but at least it’s a different spin from all the other zombie related production the market is saturated with. I’m glad it didn’t take itself so seriously! We can’t even take it seriously from the title! So if your nonfiction Valentines date doesn’t want to see “Deadpool”, I’m comfortable saying “Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies” is a great second choice.

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