Claudio Shares His Thoughts On The Emmy Awards

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This past Monday was t that time of the year again where the best TV shows, writers, actors, directors, and many more are recognized for their amazing achievement in what may be the best age for television. We’re in an age where Netflix is taking the spot of other shows on an award show hosted by a network. Isn’t life grand? This year’s Emmys saw a lot of my favorite shows take home the gold, but what I noticed right off the bat were the familiar faces that graced our television last year as well. Hopefully some fresh faces are nominated next year.Before I go into more depth I want it to be known that I wasn’t able to see every single show on this list so I will only give my thoughts on what I know. There’s your warning!

Variety Series Winner: The Colbert Report

I was half surprised that Steve won again, but not because I don’t like him or that his show is lacking quality. I just had so much faith in Jimmy Fallon. After leaving Late Night and taking over the Tonight Show, I saw Jimmy skyrocket in notoriety. Every other night, I would see a headline somehow involving the Tonight Show. However, after watching some recent episodes of The Colbert Report,  I realized that this show really did deserve to win again. It’s so hard not to love Steve’s satirical take on what’s happening in the world.

Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie Winner: Benedict Cumberbatch 

With all due respect to Martin Freeman and Mark Ruffalo, who both did phenomenally in their respective roles, but the right guy won this award. Ever since being recommended the Sherlock series, I’ve watched and re-watched each episode about a dozen times. This is what made me make a rule in my head that whenever I hear Benedict Cumberbatch is in anything, I must somehow make time to sit down and watch the hell out of it. Sherlock Holmes is written as a high functioning sociopath that does good for the sake of entertainment. Does that mean he’s morally inclined to do good in general? Or does it mean he knows he’s too smart to be stopped, taking all the fun out of a job? A character that’s been done dozens of times has not been brought to life as stunningly as this iteration.

Guest Actress in A Comedy Series Winner: Uzo Aduba

Now here’s something I don’t understand. I’m not putting herdown , but I’m not sure if she and her two cast mates belong in this category. As far as I’m concerned, Crazy Eyes is as much of a recurring character as Piper. Maybe it’s just me but maybe she would’ve fit better in the best supporting actress category, but not for a comedy series!

Comedy Series Winner: Modern Family

Modern Family gets the big win once again. This is such a hilarious and entertaining show that glues audiences to their seats until knocking them off with laughter. I don’t have a single gripe about them winning again because I’m not a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory and Louie is almost there, but not quite! I am, however, confused about why Orange is the New Black is even in this category. Sure, it can be funny at times, but I view as a pretty dramatic show and submitting it as a comedy just makes it seem like a desperate grab for some Emmy recognition.That notion does make some sense when you take into consideration the stiff competition in the drama category.

Writing for a Comedy Series Winner: Louie

Need I repeat my reluctant acceptance of Orange is the New Black in this category? Anyways, I’ve recently been introduced to Louie C.K. through a friend when we needed something to watch while we engorge on pizza. I was delighted to see such a high spirited and hilarious guy doing standup. His humor may need a little time to get used to, but maybe that’s just my type of humor. Louie has never been more deserving of this award than now. While the best overall comedy went to Modern Family, it’s hard to argue against Louie’s writing.

Breaking Bad wins Drama Series, Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress

Breaking Bad may have ended , but that didn’t stop it from slaying the Emmys. First off,  I want to congratulate Aaron Paul. Jesse Pinkman was supposed to die at the end of season 1, but after seeing Aaron take hold of this character and giving the performance that I’m sure even Vince Gilligan didn’t expect, how can you possibly sleep at night after killing him off? That scene where Jesse tells Walter what he really thinks when they’re out in the desert? When he tells him he knows what happened to Mike? It wasn’t a slow burning monologue, but it was enough to make me sit back in my chair and think, “Thisshow would be nothing without Jesse Pinkman.” Seriously, try imagining what this show would’ve been without him. So many plot points and development came from this character! I love Peter Dinklage though. He’s one of the few reasons I can stomach Game of Thrones so it was hard seeing those two go head to head, but I couldn’t agree more with Aaron winning. Now, as much as I love Breaking Bad, I don’t think Anna Gunn should’ve won best supporting actress. The Skylar character, while pivotal to the story, didn’t do enough for me to deserve the award. Anna Gunn is still an amazing actress, but my pick was Lena Headey. Cersei , while a villainous character, is played perfectly by Lena. She makes me hate her so much which means she’s doing her job. Isn’t it sad that the best actors on Game of Thrones are the Lanisters? This brings me to Bryan Cranston picking up another award for his amazing role as Walter White. I still find it hard to believe this was Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. This peak highly of the range this man has . Did anyone else think he was the most intriguing character in Godzilla? When Vince Gilligan set out to turn Mr. Chips into Scarface, he couldn’t have cast a more perfect actor to play Walt. The chemistry between Bryan and Aaron Paul and the rest of the cast made for the most engaging hour of television every time a new episode aired. All this along with the work from every other actor, writer, camera man, makeup artist, and editors made this one of my favorite shows of all time. It seems like a fitting farewell to Breaking Bad as it won many of the categories it was nominated for. It was very stiff competition this year with True Detective and House of Cards in the running as well. Hopefully they have a better chance at winning next year with Breaking Bad finally bowing out. All bad things must come to an end. That’s not too cliché is it?