Claudio Zelaya

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Claudio Zelaya – Content Contributor

Hey everyone! My name is Claudio Zelaya . My friends call me Cloud because “Claudio” is apparently too hard to remember. Anyways, born and raised on South Beach and not planning on leaving Florida anytime soon. I guess you could call me a closet nerd. It won’t look like it at first but I love everything comic books, manga, TV, movies. You name it! I also do music press for The Beacon at FIU. If you want to see any interviews I’ve done just search me on youtube! Music has always been a strong passion of mine but it’s starting to have major competition with my new desire of writing for TV/movies. I grew up watching Justice League and Batman so it’s safe to figure out what movies I like. However, I do love anything Christopher Nolan as Inception is my favorite movie of all time! Unfortunately, I don’t follow the Game of Thrones hype because Breaking Bad has just set the bar way too high for me. I am studying TV production and do hope that I could get into the industry soon after graduating. The american dream is still a thing, right?