Coaches Corner – 10/19/12

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by Yankee Todd

My 2 minute warning

I have never looked forward to a Yankee season ending anymore than this season. The greatest franchise in the history of professional sports now mirrors a tabloid talk show.

In June and July, I was talking another parade in the Canyon of Heroes. In October, I am scratching my head as to how we can compete next year with this team. Can we?

How in the world can Alex Rodriquez come back next year?  Nobody will take him, would they?

Rumors had the Marlins interested or at least talking to the Yankees about a trade for Rodriquez recently.

The Yankees have three options with Rodriquez.

1). Keep him and play him for the next five years knowing that he will forever be a distraction and a part-time player.

2). Attempt to trade him to anyone and pay majority, if not all of his contract.

3) Buy him out. Pay him to not be around.

Here’s what I think will happen.

Rodriquez will be a Yankee next year. After the 2013 season, the Yankees will buy him out. They will essentially pay him 100 million dollars to not show up every day in the Bronx. Wow!

Isn’t that embarrassing?

In a one game playoff, either on the road, at home, or in a neutral stadium, I would take my chances with the New York Giants beating anyone. Their performance against the 49ers, at Candlestick Park, was simply dominant.

Did anyone realize that the WNBA was in game three of their finals?

I wonder what kind of numbers a healthy Frank Gore would have put up?

Upset alert.

I called it last week.  Texas AM will beat LSU this Saturday. Johnny “Football” Manziel is starting to receive the love from the national media. I guess multiple 500 plus total yards of offense will do that.

College Station, Texas is quite possibly the greatest atmosphere for college football. From Yell Practice the night before to the crowd swaying back and forth, the Aggies know how to host a college football game.

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