Coaches Corner – 10/21/13

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by Yankee Todd,

My thoughts (in no particular order)

I am so sick of Brody’s daughter on #homeland.  The show has so many characters that deserve a more prominent role and I am forced to watch that brat.

Who didn’t think that #johnnyfootball wasn’t going to pull out a win against Auburn? If you didn’t see the game, Manziel was injured and returned to rally the Aggies. Did the referees miss a horse collar penalty on the last drive that would have given #johnnyfootball first and goal? Possibly. Nevertheless, Auburn deserved to win and their team deserves a ton of credit. Manziel  is the most exciting player to play college football in a long time.

Florida State beat Clemson like a drum Saturday evening. I couldn’t believe how the Seminoles, on the road and on national television looked so impressive.

Baylor beat Iowa State 71-7 on Saturday. The Iowa State Cyclones hadn’t lost a game by more than 8 points this season before catching a beat down at the hands of the Art Briles coached Bears.

Syracuse really failed to show up against Georgia Tech getting beat 56-0. The game was supposed to be a competitive ball game saw the Orange account for a feeble 208 total yards.

Hopefully CJ Fair will lead the Orange basketball team to better results in the ACC this year.

I don’t understand the targeting rule with a player ejection. If the referees are allowed to go to a replay to determine if the player is ejected, why can’t the play be reviewed also? Essentially, if the refs rule it wasn’t targeting, why does the penalty still stand?

Imagine the Seahawks when Percy Harvin is able to play this year?

It’s a shame that Brian Cushing broke his leg and will miss the rest of the season. An ACL injury took Cushing’s season last year and now it appears he will lose this season also. As the Texans continue to free fall, this injury will not stop the implosion.

How about them Jets? Who would have thought they would have been the pride of the city? Not me. But with the win over New England they are in the mix of the AFC East at 4-3.

I quit watching baseball when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs. So some could argue that was in May. But the Red Sox and Cardinals are the two best teams in baseball and will make for a good series.

Have a good week.

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