Coaches Corner – 11/29/12

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My 2 minute warning

I can’t keep up with the conference shuffling! Who knew San Diego State was now in the Big East?

What’s going to happen when Rutgers and Kent State are in the BCS this year? Can’t we just have a playoff once and for all?

How is Kevin Durant ever left open?

San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich is a master at what he does. In San Antonio he is untouchable. The media never criticizes him and rightfully so. He is probably the best coach in the NBA.

He won’t care what I have to say about him but as a fan of the NBA , you can’t do what he did in Miami. Coach Pop didn’t send Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu or Danny Green to play against the Heat. While Coach Pop knows the NBA season is a marathon and not a sprint, the Spurs organization should be heavily fined for their action. While he has done this in the past, tonight by not sending four starters, he has crossed the line.

Here’s why. My son Andrew asked for Spurs tickets for Christmas. He wants to see Kevin Durant or Lebron or Kobe play against his team. Lets say Santa comes through and scores high-priced tickets so his wish comes through.

By the Spurs sending their B team to play a major game, they have let down the fans and that’s not fair. The game belongs to the fans. The disappointment by fans who wanted to see future hall of famers and a major NBA matchup is not acceptable.

The Spurs deserve to get buried tonight by the Heat and I hope my hometown media actually calls Coach Pop on the carpet.

I am half expecting Hector “Macho” Camacho to rise from his coffin and actually not be dead. Reports of multiple girlfriends fighting at his wake are straight out of Jerry Springer.

If I had a vote for NFL coach of the year, I would vote for Rex Ryan for coach of the year! Yes, Rex Ryan. Please don’t stop reading and listen to me.

The fact that the Jets won any games at all is why he deserves to be the coach of the year. Offensively, the Jets are horrible. They do not have one play maker on that side of the ball.

From Fireman Ed to Bart Scott this is a circus that belongs on the WB.

Changes need to occur in the Big Apple next year. You can blame the GM, the Coach, Mark Sanchez, or whoever, but the Jets are a sad excuse for an NFL team.

Columbus Chris, my college football insider, was asked who he thought was going to win the Heisman Trophy.
“Manti Te’o. He is the heart and soul of that team. Period” He’s usually right!

Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul) believes that Jason Garrett will be the Cowboys coach next year. The poor guy is not only a fan of the Cowboys but also of the New York Mets. Talk about two franchises going nowhere quickly! I almost feel bad for him, we’ll not really.

The Giants are back! We all know that the offense gets the glory and the girls, but the Giants defensive line is going to be why they win another championship. Against the Packers #Osi and #JPP and #JTuck looked like they were at a different level than anyone else. Their speed and ability to pressure a quarterback turned Aaron Rogers into a mere mortal.

If Chase Blackburn continues to play at the level he played against the Packers, he will earn a birth at the Pro Bowl.
The return of Kenny Phillips solidifies their defense.

Offensively, the loss of Andre Brown hurts their running game. It does offer a chance for speedy rookie David Wilson to showcase why the Giants made him a first round pick.

The Yankees will win the World Series next year! Yes, I said it. No I am not suffering from a head wound and yes I did watch the in the post season last year.

Here’s why!

The law of averages says they can’t continue to stink at the plate and with runners in scoring position!!! Robbie Cano, Curtis Granderson and Alex Rodriquez, yes ARod, will not fail to come through in the clutch next year. Brett Garner is a question mark but a guy who could really set the table for the big bats. A healthy Derek Jerer is key to the plan for a championship , but by all indications the Captain will be back.
OK, so if the bats fail, can they still win?

Yes, a rotation of CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, and Andy Pettitte is as good as any. Mix in former 18 game winners Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes to battle with David Phelps and we have a very good pitching staff.

The return of the Sandman allows David Robertson to return to his set up roll.

I am looking forward to having pitchers and catchers report!

And I did get tickets to see the Rangers play the Padres in the San Antonio Alamo Dome at the end of March. The Alamo Dome is the former home of the San Antonio Spurs. Check this stat because we could be in for a slugfest at this game after teams break camp from Spring Training. The right field fence will be only 280 feet!!!

That makes the short porch in Yankee stadium look like a government canyon.

Thank you Nolan Ryan for bringing baseball to the Alamo City.

Still thinking about #Benji, the ESPN 30 for 30 production, of the life and tragic death of Chicago high school basketball player Ben Wilson in 1984. Wilson was the number one rated high school basketball player in the country when he was tragically gunned down outside his school.

Entering his senior season of high school, and off a state championship, #Benji was set to accomplish something that had never been done before in Illinois history, win back to back state championships. Looking to help accomplish that goal was the addition of transfer, Nick Anderson , a future NBA player.

The beautiful homage paid to #Benji after his death resulted in a number of former and current basketball players wearing #25 in his honor, from Nick Anderson to Juwan Howard to Derrick Rose. In fact, it is a long-standing tradition for the best player at Simeon High School in Chicago to wear h#25 in his honor.

Thirty years later, while #Benji still lives on in the hearts and minds of many, we are still dealing with senseless violence. We owe it to not just #Benji but the countless and nameless others that have tragically died at the hands of violence, to work to put an end to the madness. Whether its through mentorship of youth or working to ensure tougher gun laws, it’s our civic responsibility to work to make change.
What are you doing to make a difference?

Hats off to the Syracuse University football team that finished the season 7-5. The last 8 games they went 6-2. Doug Marrone proved he is the coach that can turn the program around.

Alex Lemon was simply unguardedly down the stretch. He had more receptions than he could have had if I was using him in NCAA College football. Ryan Nassib proved that he could be a serviceable NFL quarterback.

The Orange lost to Northwestern 42-41 to open the season. Northwestern went 9-3.

The Orange lost to USC.

The Orange lost to Minnesota who finished the year bowl eligible.

The Orange lost to Rutgers, who has a chance to play in a BCS game.

Remember my theory on Syracuse football? Circle the state of New York. Any athlete that can play division one college football from New York has to consider Syracuse. They then continue to heavily recruit Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Every once in a while they will be able to find a kid from Florida or Texas to leave the sunshine and journey into the snow belt.
Once they have established this practice, they will get lucky and find a #johnnyfootball that gets over looked and “settles” on your program and elevates them to the next level.

I felt like I was watching a highly hyped high school game as the Knicks lost to Brooklyn the other night.

This is Carmelo Anthony’s Knicks team. I think Melo could average 25 points and double-digit rebounds is year. A 25 point, 10 rebound, 4 assist year could propel the Knicks deep in the playoffs. This is his year to be a legit MVP candidate.

Remember at the beginning of the year I picked the Knicks to Advance to the NBA finals!!

I have to admit I was sad to see Jeremy Lin go because I would have liked to see him healthy and with a full season under his belt.
But Raymond Felton is back!!

I liked Felton 1.0 and I really like Felton 2.0

Felton plays the game like a NYC savvy point guard. He gets the ball to the open man, gets his hands on loose balls, and produces wins. Having Jason Kidd tutor him and serve as his backup will benefit Felton. Someone just needs to tell him when he is 4-17 to stop shooting.

Waiting in the wings, is Iman Shumpert, an athletic and versatile guard that tore his ACL in January. Schumpurt is a lock down defender who, when healthy, gives the Knicks a defender that could attempt to frustrate Lebron James in the playoffs.

And let’s not forget that Amare Stoudemire still isn’t playing. Lots of radio personalities are debating if the Knicks are better off without him. I say you never can have too much talent on one team. Does he start or come off the bench when he returns? Who cares! Having a dominant big man who can contribute to the team is all that matters. And Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire are a very good offensive punch with the pick and roll.

And I love Sheeeeeeeeeed! After walking away from the game, he looks refreshed and energized. His long arms and three point shooting have given the Knicks a spark when he is on the floor.

Still working his way back into the rotation is Marcus Camby who still produces. He still can rebound and block shots and in the playoffs he will be a real asset.

Lastly, congratulations to the University of Texas at San Antonio football team who finished their second season in Division 1 football with an 8-4 record. With only 67 players on scholarship they won three games in the WAC Conference. Originally picked to finish dead last among EVERY team in D1, they far surpassed everyone’s expectations!

Led by former Miami Hurricane coach Larry Coker,the UTSA Road Runners have created a buzz in the city. My son and I attended their game against Texas State, the same Texas State team that beat the University of Houston Cougars to open the season.

The pre-game atmosphere was incredible. Big time college football in the heart of Texas is invigorating for the city.

You also know your program has made it when you are on the NCAA College Football game. My son and I have played with UTSA on the PS3.

The RoadRunners defeated the Bobcats 38-31 and the fans charged the field at the end of the game.

Mark your calendars for September 7th when UTSA hosts Oklahoma State in the Alamo Dome.

While I am on the bandwagon, I realize that it could get ugly early. But that’s the beauty of college football, you never know!!

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I can’t wait to watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire!