Coaches Corner – 1/26/14

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by Yankee Todd,

Lots of people wrote off the University of Texas head basketball coach Rick Barnes after a very disappointing season last year. But with five straight victories, including three over ranked opponents, Texas basketball is back. They face a huge test against Kansas next Saturday, regardless of the outcome, Coach Barnes has his squad playing as a team and that’s the reason they shouldn’t be written off this year.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim continues to amaze me, but why? How can a coach who wins 20 games each year in his sleep amaze anyone?

Boeheim recruits to fit his system. The names change but the athletes stay the same. If you think about his past teams, each team is filled with long and athletic players. Each team is led by a heddy point guard and the 2/3 zone gives fits to teams.

I wondered if the big dogs of the ACC would pose problems to the Orange but there are many on Tobacco Road that wish the Orange were still in the Big East.

Carmelo Anthony reminded everyone Friday night just how explosive the star can be. While watching the game with my son, we marveled at his scoring but also at the way his teammates celebrated his successes.

I also took the opportunity to use Anthony as a teaching tool for my 12 year old son. We stopped the game and paused to discuss how Carmelo Anthony always puts himself in triple threat position. Anthony is a master at using a jab step, ball fake or step back to give him separation to score at any time.

In our living room, we got a ball and worked offensive moves while using Melo’s 62 point gem as a teaching tool. His record breaking night also allowed me to educate my son on Bernard King, every New York kids favorite Knicks growing up.

Does Justin Bieber really only weigh 140 pounds? To me, that was the funniest part of his run in with the law. I weighed 140 pounds in middle school. How about Bieber work in a weight work out during the day. My mother was also very concerned that a 19 year old had been able to rent a car and drink an alcoholic beverage. If my mom had her way, Bieber would be in serious trouble for renting a car at 19 years of age also.

One of the newest Olympic events this year is just plain surviving. Seriously, the Winter games are in Russia? What’s next, the summer games in Kabul?

How did anyone within their right mind award the games to Russia?

Let’s play the What If Game ….

What if the Yankees wouldn’t have lied to everyone about how important it was to get under $189 and signed Robbie Cano?

What if Don Mattingly hadn’t had his back quit on him?

What if Johnny Football can do in the NFL what he did in college?

What if the Dixie Chicks hadn’t ruined their careers by criticizing George Bush?

What if Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet?

What if Mr.Walsh hadn’t been transferred from Minnesota to Beverly Hills?

What if Charles Smith wouldn’t have missed those put backs against the Bulls in game five?

What if someone had told John Starks to stop shooting in game six against Houston?

What if Kevin Durant decided to let everyone know he was the best player on the planet by dominating every game? Wait….. He’s doing that now.

I started season two of the Cinemax series Banshee. After watching the first few episodes, while I enjoyed it, I was confused. How did this small town have so many colorful players and problems? I decided to watch season one and everything made sense. I really enjoy Banshee.

Speaking of new shows, I am looking forward to where True Detective takes me.

Does anyone have a better mustache on day time TV than Steve Harvey?

I am pulling for Peyton Manning to perform much better than his younger brother did at Met Life stadium.

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