Coaches Corner – 1/5/13

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by Yankee Todd,

On January 1st or 2nd, 1993, my buddy Jughead and I were crank calling people when we hit the jackpot. Our good friend, Sandy offered us two tickets to the Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers playoff game. Neither of us were Bills fans and we gladly took the tickets hoping to see a Bills loss. Warren Moon tossed four first half touchdowns to give the Oilers a 28-3 lead to our delight. Minutes into the third quarter, the Oilers took a pick six to the house right in front of us. I remember debating if we should leave early and beat the traffic home. Luckily, we didn’t. What we saw was history. Trailing by 32 points, back up quarterback Frank Reich turned us into Bills fans for one day. The Bills completed the greatest comeback and won 41-38 in overtime. If you have ever been to a Bills game, you know the Bills play the song “The Bills make me want to shout.” And the entire crowd sings along. That song still brings back memories of a great afternoon.  My buddy, Chris Chase, a die hard Oilers fan still gets indigestion whenever that game is on or is mentioned.

The Chiefs epic collapse against the Colts rivaled what we saw in Western NY but nothing will beat that day in 1993.  The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since 1993.

Growing up, I played ball with lots of different dudes. Some could jump out of the gym, some could drain a jump shot from anywhere on the play ground and some had an incredible knowledge of the game. Some went onto play in college and some didn’t have the grades but schooled youngsters on the court. JR Smith would fall into the category of dudes with unbelievable athletic ability but lacking in the brains department.  At the end of the Knicks vs Rockets game recently, Smith admitted he didn’t know the score and took a terrible shot. How can you not know the score? How can you look your teammates in the eye and say “My bad!”?  I now see why the Knicks were the only team willing to put up with his lack of basketball IQ.

The University of a Texas appears ready to hire Louisville Coach Charlie Strong. While Strong has done an incredible job at Louisville, is he the right man for the 105,000 fans that show up to each home game? While I think the defensive minded Strong will do well in Austin, Mack Brown said it best, “Eight wins isn’t good enough.”

Strong will build a strong defense and is know as an incredible recruiter. His first course of action is to show off that recruiting touch by making sure two time state champion quarterback Jerrod Heard is still planning on enrolling in Austin.

While I got this tip from a source, Clemson Offensive Coordinator, Chad Morris might have been the best choice for head coach at Texas. The former high school coach in Austin as recently as 2009, Morris is the architect behind just the kind of offense that would entertain the Longhorn faithful.  Morris guided his high school team, Lake Travis, to back to back 16-0 seasons. Morris would immediately have the respect of high school coaches to help recruiting the state. What do I know?  Charlie Strong will probably win a national championship in his first season at Texas.

As NFL coaches continue to get the axe, Jason Garrett’s job seems safe.  Most coaches who lead an underachieving team, don’t have he backing of the owner as Garrett does. Cowboy insider, Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul but once suffered a shoulder injury) believes that “Garrett is the perfect coach for Jerry Jones.”

Around the world of sports (in the eyes of my friends)

The secret to get Spurs winning a championship this year, according to successful high school Coach Tim Woods is, “Tim Duncan still believing he’s young, Tony Parker hitting more jumpers. Manu not turning it over and Splitter making free throws “

My son Andrew, a 12 year old 6th grader, believes the Saints and Broncos will play for the Super Bowl this year.

Long time Yankee fan and friend, Dean Schott weighted in on the Yankees saying that he “Has never been more down on a Yankee team.”

He also said the Yankees saddened him. Coach Schott has never been a fan of Joe Girardi and his managerial approach to games. He compares  Ellsbury to a more injure prone Brett Garner.

He continues, “The infield is a mess and I don’t think Nova could carry a staff.”

The coach does like the addition of McAnn and Beltran but is still upset that Brian Cashmen, who he refers to as a clown, chose Girardi over Cano.

“Unless A-Rod escapes without punishment and we sign Tanka baseball will no longer be on my TV in October.” Dean finished his interview with that statement.

Derrick Paul (again no relation to Chris or Cliff Paul) believes the Mets will have a winning record next season because “It’s January”

With the number 12 pick in next years NFL draft, the Giants are faced with many holes to fill. The obvious need is the offensive line but they also need help at receiver, running back and possibly at linebacker. How about Texas AM wide receiver Mike Evans at that pick? The third year sophomore would give the Giants a big target, especially with Hakim Nicks probably leaving in free agency. I think Evans has a little Calvin Johnson in him.

I didn’t realize that the relationship between the United States and Great Britain was at an all time low. Why, you ask? How else can you explain the slate of games that that will be played in 2014 in London, England.

Jacksonville vs Dallas?
Raiders vs Dolphins?
Falcons Vs Lions?

I wouldn’t watch the Jags, Dolphins, Raiders or Falcons if they were on TV.  Might as well send the Jets and Bills while you are at it.

In my son’s words, “We don’t want you, go back to America.”

Has anyone seen the Bacon Bowl? It’s one of those , “But wait, for ten dollars more…..”  It allows you to make edible bowls made of bacon that you can fill with your favorite foods – eggs, hash browns or meatloaf. This will be on the top of my list for Christmas next year and then on sale at my summer garage sale.

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