Coaches Corner – 3/15/15

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Kyrie Irving’s dominant performance against the Spurs Friday night was one for the ages. But this year, this type of loss has highlighted the Spurs inability to win games they should have.

My son and I attended a Spurs loss to the Pistons on a last second shot earlier in the year. We also were there for the epic three overtime loss to Memphis. Both games, along with  loss to the Cavs, could be the difference in a favorable seed in the playoffs.

With the window closing for Old Man Riverwalk and Coach Pop, it will take a huge post season from Kawaii Leonard and Tony Parker to get back to the Western Conference Finals.

If the Thunder and Warriors play in the first round of the playoffs, I am taking the Thunder.

Quick – name as many Philadelphia 76ers as you can?

The Jets significantly improved their defense this off season. Their major problem is they still have Gino.

Darelle Revis is the Donald Trump of football players. After essentially signing a series of one year deals, and getting a ring, Revis returns to New York as the savior. He now has enough money to cover Marvin Gaye’s family for having Robin Thicke found guilt of stealing his tunes. But to be honest with you, I googled the song and don’t think they stole it.

My New York Giants have not had a return game since Dave Meggett. That might change with the addition of former Cowboy return man Dwayne Harris.

I do like the signing of Frank Gore and Andre Johnson for the Colts. Giving Andrew Luck two more weapons makes him so much more dangerous. With Gore, the team had a legit running attack. Now, you can split Andre Johnson opposite TY Hilton. They have two excellent tight ends in Dwayne Allen and Colby Fleener. That’s a pretty scary fantasy team. Now, if only the defense can stop anyone!!!

My teams to watch in the NCAA tourney –

Providence, Albany, SMU.

I have to admit that it will be sad not to see Syracuse in the NCAA tourney next week. The sanctions seem harsher than normal for a problem that probably occurs on every campus. I agree that the NCAA needs to clean up any academic scandals occurring on campuses but I will reserve judgment until I see how North Carolina is disciplined.

It is only fitting the the newest 30 for 30 is titled “I hate Christian Laetner” with the dominant play of Kentucky heading into the tournament. My buddies at CineSportsTalk will be covering a future 30 for 30 called “I love John Calipari”.

Yours in Sports!

Yankee Todd