Coaches Corner – 4/25/15

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Do you remember the old Nintendo game Double Dribble? My brother and I used to play all the time and it was a two on two contest. You could take one of your players, dribble to the corner, fall into the crowd and the three pointer went in every time. What I didn’t know was that video game character that could score at will was Steph Curry!

Remember when he came into the Garden last year and dropped 54? And gave the Mark Jackson shimmy?

Curry is must see TV.

Do you think the Thunder wish they still had James Harden?

Paul Pierce reminds of an hired gun from the old West. He was hired to come in an catch bad guys! He wore the big black hat and people feared and respected him. Pierce will go down as one of the best clutch players.

I am so glad the nation is beginning to see just how dominant Kawhi Leonard is. Who else can guard Chris Paul (no relation to Derrick Paul) and Blake Griffin.

My only complaint with the Claw is that he needs to be more selfish with the ball. The Clippers series is far from over, but the Spurs and #oldmanriverwalk are here to make a last stand in open country (Willie Nelson and Kid Rock song reference)

What if Michael Pineda continues to deal filthy stuff?

What if Tanaka continues to gain strength and velocity?

What if Ivan Nova returns to bolster the rotation?

What if A-Rod stays healthy?

What if the Yanks pick up a bat somewhere via trade…..

I know Coach Dean would say the Yanks would already have that bat if they kept Robbie Cano!

Lastly, in the Karma department, I am glad to see the Cowboys signing of Greg Hardy is already off to a positive start.

Yours in sports – @yankee_todd