Coaches Corner – 4/29/13

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With the unfortunate injury to Russell Westbrook, are the Spurs suddenly the team to beat in the West? After a completely dominating performance against the Lakers, the Spurs now have a week to heal and rest. The time off also gives the Spurs time to get back Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw. Suddenly, Coach Pop has the old guys ready to make one last stand in the Old West!

The Lakers, granted suffered key injuries , didn’t even put up an effort against the Spurs! This team still has Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol.

To add insult to defeat, trending on twitter last night was – #dwighthowardmoreuselessthan

The best one was from @mattatrack_09 “#dwighthowardmoreuselessthan Manti T’eo’s ex-girlfriend in the kitchen.”

If this team would have been a NY team, the fans would have let the team know how poor their performance was with constant booing.

The New York Knicks almost pulled off an incredible come back win in game four against the Celtics. Am I worried? Not yet. But great teams finish off teams when they are on the ropes, much like the Heat did to the Bucks and the Spurs over the Lakers.
Both teams are led by old guys and I think the Knicks will pull it out at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday. If they don’t, I will be scared.

The New York Yankees continue their amazing journey. A four game sweep of the Blue Jays this weekend puts the Yanks on pace to win 101 games! Even with Francisco Cervelli and Ivan Nova heading to the DL, the Yanks continue to put together win after win.

If you throw out the first five games, the Yankees have the second best record in baseball since then.

Kevin Youkilis is going for an MRI on his back Monday. Youkilis, who played Saturday, appears likely to be headed to the DL to join almost every Yankee you can think of.

In 2004, Youkilis was part of the Red Sox team that New Englanders referred to as the “loveable idiots.” Now a decade later, Youkilis is going to be a part of another movement in the Bronx that might look for a nickname. “Old Guys Rule” would be easy and since CineSportsTalk is a site devoted to sports and movies – I have come up with a list of movies titles that Youkilis might refer to this summer.

A version of driving Miss Daisy: Driving Mr Girardi or Driving Mr. Steinbrenner.

Grumpy Old Men or Grumpier Old Men!


The bio of Cocoon could be tailored to the Yankees. A group of former ball players swim in a pond located under old Yankee Stadium. While swimming in the pond, the former ball players find their fountain of youth.

Not bad, eh?

Did you know that in the incredible career of Mariano Rivera, his nine saves this month are the most he has ever had in April!

Everybody loves to hate on Phil Hughes but he has put together three quality starts in a row. While I don’t think he will be a Yankee next year, I bet he lands himself a 60 million dollar contract next year. If you don’t believe me, watch.

Michael Pineda has thrown batting practices in the last week and is set to throw a simulated game next week. Pineda believes he could return to the Bronx by mid-summer. The key in the Jesus Montero trade has yet to pitch for the Yanks.

With Cervelli headed to the DL, how is Jesus Montero doing in Seattle?

He’s hitting .228 with 2 home runs and 7 runs batted it.

My brother and I have a bet on who will have better numbers at the end of the year – Robbie Cano or Josh Hamilton?

So far – it isn’t even a debate.

Hamilton is batting .228 with 2 home runs, 8 runs batted in and 23 strike outs.

Robbie Cano is hitting .326 with 7 home runs a d 17 runs batted in.

Think about the line ups that both the Angels and Yankees have and it has to be very concerning to the Angels that Hamilton is struggling.

I talked to Chris from Syracuse is weekend. He gave me a quick rundown on Syracuse athletics.

Boeheim will be back next year, the football team is finally adding quality athletes to their depth, and both Duke and North Carolina will come to the Carrier Dome for basketball games next season.

In all jobs, your future success sometimes depends on who you have as your mentor. Can you think of a better person to teach someone how to be a quarterback than Eli Manning? Ryan Nassib, if he plays his cards right, can parlay his 4th round selection by the Giants into a long NFL career.

So the Jets traded Darelle Revis for a college cornerback?

Leave it to the Dallas Cowboys to draft a player in the first round that even he thought wouldn’t get drafted till the third round.

Steal of the draft – Marcus Lattimore going to San Francisco.

Mark Jackson’s wife can sing!!

I will always tune in to watch Celebrity Apprentice if Ivanka Trump (hubba hubba) and I am sad to see Gary Busey leave the show!

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