Coaches Corner – 7/17/13

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by Yankee Todd,

Random Thoughts from my past week!

I would not want George Zimmerman on a neighborhood watch in my hood. Sad case overall, with everyone losing.

If I am the lawyer for Aaron Hernandez, I am petitioning the court to have my trial moved to Florida.  Florida juries have proved anything is possible and nothing is a slam dunk.

Shame on Rolling Stone Magazine. Anyone with a subscription should cancel immediately and demand their money back.

Someone couldn’t have given Tom Terrific a better shirt to wear at the ASG? The Butterfly Hawaiian shirt was terrible.

If any major league organization wanted to increase attendance they should have Erin Andrews interview and broadcast from games. Hubba Hubba.

Carlos Beltran received more cheers when he was introduced at the All-Star game than he did when he played for the Mets.

Bryce Harper’s brother looked like – Who else but WB Mason man!  That was a sweet mustache he sported while watching his brother in the home run derby.

I was glad to see Matt Harvey start for the National league. His spoof on Jimmy Kimmel where he asked random New Yorkers about Matt Harvey was hysterical.

After hitting Cano, I have to now root against him if Robbie misses any considerable time.

Mariano Rivera’s speech before the all-star game was classy. He spoke of honor and giving him an opportunity to pitch.  Would you expect anything less?

His tribute by the fans and players was special. Mo is the kind of player that comes along once in a lifetime and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to watch him dominate his position.

I had the opportunity to shake his hand once while he was in the minor leagues. I stretched the truth and told him I saw him pitch against the Chicago White Sox on July 4th. I didn’t tell him that I watched it on TV.

When Johnny Football enters the huddle, all will be forgotten about his offseason of partying. He is the the most exciting football player in the country and I can’t wait to see what he does against Alabama this year. Remember, the game is in College Station this year and last year Johnny Football pulled off the upset of the year on the road.

I did read online that Alabama has been showing their loss to the Aggies in the weight room this year as a constant reminder of their loss.

I am tired of how the cast of Grown Ups 2 is being shoved down my throat. I don’t want to turn on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and see these guys making meatballs or watch Kevin James take batting practice during the ASG.

Speaking of folks that are annoying, can we please stop covering Justin Bieber for everything and anything he does? I would much rather watch video footage awaiting the baby being born in England than follow any bowel movement the youngster has.

The Knicks managed to upgrade their team this offseason with limited money. Metta World Peace will bring toughness and veteran leadership to a team that, pardon my pun, lacked a punch in the playoffs.

Dave, a New Yorker and extremely knowledgeable fan, believes A-Rod will never play for the Yanks again.  He believes that something will happen in the next few days and he will announce he isn’t ready to play physically.

Actually, A-Rod’s .179 average puts him par for the course to be a key member of this years team.

Dave also thinks the Yanks will lock up Robinson Cano for 8 years.

Will a long term deal for Cano and the Yanks be as bad as the ARod mess?

How bad will the Yankees be if Cano misses significant time with an injury due to being hit by a pitch in the ASG?

After reviewing the Yankee farm system, I am disappointed to report that the pipeline is as dry as a Texas summer.

The lone bright spot appears to be Dellin Betance. A member of the over hyped Killer B’s pitching staff, he moved to the bullpen and  has been lights out.  The 6’7 kid from the city might have saved his career by moving to the bullpen.

Michael Pineda was optioned to Triple A after completing his rehab assignment.  If the Yanks trade Hughes or Joba, look for the key addition from the Jesus Montero trade to join the Rotation in the Bronx.

I recently traveled back home to New York to attend the funeral of my grandmother. A wonderful women who was married for 69 years. Rest in peace Gram!

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