Coaches Corner – 7/2/13

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by Yankee Todd,

I vanished, much like the Yankees offense and their hopes to make the playoffs. But I’m back and Vernon Wells is still hitting cleanup for the Yanks. The Yankees are spiraling out of control and have a line up that couldn’t play for the Springfield Isotopes.

After Robbie Cano, the only other legit major-leaguer on the team is Ichiro. Cano is hitting  .293 with 19 homers and 51 runs batted in.  I am not a huge Joe Girardi guy but how hasn’t this guy blown up in a press conference? Having to pencil in guys like Chris Stewart, Vernon Wells, and David Adams would give any man grey hair.

The only good thing about the Yankees this year is that they didn’t sign Josh Hamilton.  Hamilton is hitting .223 with 10 homers and 29 RBI.  Actually, with numbers like Hamilton have posted would have him hitting cleanup for the team.

How would the crowd have turned on Hamilton if he was a New York Yankee?

What else has been new?

Was I the only one who hated David Stern each time he playfully asked the crowd to boo him?

Living in San Antonio brought incredible heartache as Ray Allen knocked down the biggest three point shot I have seen since Reggie Miller vs the Knicks.

Tiago Splitter re-signed with the Spurs, even with a sub par finals. Many insiders believe Manu Ginoboli will return at a home town discount for one more year.

I will never be Coach Pop but he continued to play Ginoboli down the stretch when my father could have given the same effort in games 6 and 7.

The Spurs selected Deshaun Thomas in the second round of the NBA draft. The leading scorer for Ohio State fits into the mold of the Spurs. The leading scorer in the Big 10, once wrote an a letter for the schools newspaper asking them to feature other successful Buckeyes who deserved credit.

In a day and age where Aaron Hernandez jerseys are selling like “Johnny Cakes”, how do the Spurs continue to land quality ball players and people?

I would look for the Spurs to land another former Buckeye in Greg Oden in the next few days. Chris from Columbus always told me the saddest part of all the injuries for Oden is that he was such a nice guy.

Former Syracuse Orange James Southerland was contacted by the Spurs and asked if he wanted to play overseas if drafted at #58. While New York State basketball insider Dean Schott is not a fan of the former Orange ball player, how do you turn down an opportunity to play for the best organization in major league sports?

I am sick and tired of Dwight Howard. His saga feels like a bad remake of the  cult classic Groundhog Day.

Kudos to the New Jersey Nets for taking a huge gamble with their recent trade. Much love is given to adding KG and the stone cold assassin, Paul Pierce, but I love Jason “the Jett” Terry! Terry is what Knicks fans wished JR Smith could be.

I am not a big fan of Deron Williams but put those three, Brook Lopez,  Joe Johnson and possibly free agent Kyle Korver together and the Nets can compete in the East.

The Knicks added Andrea Bargnani in a low risk trade. The former first round pick has been injured and fallen out of favor in Toronto but is a 7 footer who can shoot the three.  If Bargnani can stay healthy, the Knicks gave up very little.

Elton Brand has been mentioned as a possible pick up for the Knicks as they will look to continue to upgrade their team.

With July comes football! I can’t wait for college and the NFL season to kickoff.

Have you circled September 14th on your calendar yet? That’s the day that the Fightin Texas Aggies host Alabama!!! Can #Johnnyfootball do it again? That’s the beauty of college football!