Coaches Corner – 7/25/13

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The only man with less of a home than Edward Snowden is Alex Rodriquez.

A right handed batter hasn’t hit a home run for the Yanks since Jason Nix at the end of June. With that said, the Yanks still don’t want Rodriquez in the Bronx.

Joel Sherman from the NY Post tweeted that the Yankees lineup on 7/26 had five Yankees that had single digit runs batted in. In a time where the offense has failed to live up to the Bronx Bombers nickname, the Yanks still don’t want a guy with over 600 bombs.

Major League Baseball needs to act quickly on the ARod situation and save all of us the embarrassment.

This is a worse show than the Magic Johnson talk show.

Please don’t wait a week or two for the suspension to be announced – Drop the Hammer!!

My take – ARod gets 150 games.

For every 50 games that Rodriquez misses, the Yanks save 7.5 million. With my logic and math, whatever the Yanks pay Robbie Cano next year would be a wash and would help the Yanks get under that 189 million dollar threshold.

ARod receiving a second opinion from a doctor he never visited is like in middle school when I told my friends I had a girlfriend that lived in the Niagara Falls area.  Come on man!

Despicable Me 3 will be coming to theaters in the fall starring Ryan Braun. I hope the lab tech that Braun destroyed sues Braun for defamation of character.

I asked two of my own children what should happen to Alex Rodriquez.

My 8 year old twin daughters like American Girl Dolls and have never heard of Alex Rodriquez.

Their insight is priceless.

Tori believes that if you cheat, you should be out of the game until its over, that’s what Simon Says.

Zoe believes if you cheat you should sit out for five minutes while the other kids continue to play.

When told that ARod had potentially used illegal drugs, Tori believed he shouldn’t be allowed to play again.

Zoe believes that doing any illegal drugs should get a player disqualified from ever playing again.

Neither twin would want to play with a cheater.

Keeping with the “As the World Turns” theme —

Can New York City really elect Carlos Danger to the office of mayor? Come on man!

There is no truth to the rumor that Anthony Weiner will run with Dirk Diggler as Deputy Mayor.

I watched the Al Pacino classic- Dog Day Afternoon recently. What a movie!! The police negotiator was awesome. Do you remember him?

Yelling and provoking Pacino into arguments, losing his cool and dropping the F bomb into a megaphone!! I wonder if this tactic was taught by the NYPD in the early 1970’s.  If it was, was it ever successful?

In the Where have you gone segment of my column?

Whatever happened to the Counting Crows?

And John from John and Kate plus 8?

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