Coaches Corner – 7/30/13

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by Yankee Todd,

July 27th marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Reggie Lewis. The former Celtics star died of a heart condition.  After going to college in Boston and playing for the Celtics, the passing of Lewis came only seven years after Len Bias passed.

Lewis had just finished a season where he averaged over 20 points a game. At only 27 years of age, the passing of Lewis was one of life’s many sad tragedies where the good die young.

Here are a few things that I will always remember about Lewis.

He played for Baltimore Dunbar High School alongside Mugsy Bouges, Reggie Williams and David Wingate.

He played for Jim Calhoun at Northwestern.

I remember former Syracuse Orangemen Sherman Douglas holding up his framed jersey when they retired his number.

Chris from Columbus posed this question –

If Len Bias wouldn’t have passed away. If Reggie Lewis wouldn’t have died AND if Larry Bird’s back wouldn’t have given out — would Boston have been able to defeat the mighty Bulls? Would free agents have flocked to Beantown?

Johnny Football was back in the news again this weekend. Seems the Heisman QB spend the weekend in Austin and attended a few parties in the Longhorns backyard. We all know how that worked out.

Not that he needed it, but ESPN classic replayed the Aggies upset of Alabama as if to tell the public not to worry about the behavior of the 20 year old.

When Manziel straps on the helmet, he is the most exciting player in the country.

The game also reminded me of what a great receiver Ryan Swope was. Swope’s recently announced his retirement while trying to hook on with the Cardinals.

Swope had six recorded concussions.

Swope caught a huge pass from Manziel on the game clinching drive against Alabama. The perfectly thrown pass quieted the crowd to the point you could hear Swope celebrate.

The next snap, Manziel placed another beautiful ball over NY Jets first round pick Dee Milliner for the game clinching touchdown

The Aggies host Alabama on September 14th.

How much of a difference will the departure of Kliff Kingsbury from the Aggies  coaching staff effect the play calling? I wouldn’t suspect a huge drop off this year because of Manziel but look for good things out of Texas Tech this year because of Kingsbury.

Keep an eye on Red Raider tight end Jace Amaro. A freakish athlete with good size should be a key cog in their offense.  The San Antonio product will be playing on Sundays in the future.

One  more HUGE lose for the Aggies to overcome will be the departure of Luke Joeckel. The massive tackle protected Manziel and was picked in the first round of the NFL draft.

Looks like the NY Giants might have found another gem for their defensive line with the selection of Damontre Moore. The 20 year old freakish athlete could be another in a long line of Giants pass rushers.

July 29th was National Chicken Wing Day. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the Hooters Wing Eating Contest this past week by devouring 180 wings in 10 minutes.

Successful a high School basketball coach Tim Woods took his family to Hooters to celebrate the occasion.

Originally, the Spurs drafted Luis Scola in 2005.  He was traded to the Rockets in 2007 without playing for the Silver and Black.

Imagine if Scola teamed up with Duncan and played alongside his countryman Manu?

His trade to Indiana makes the Pacers a more dangerous opponent in the East.  In particular to the Heat!o His leadership and skills in the front court make him a nice addition.

Angie’s list.

Has anyone ever used it? I refuse to use it simply for the weird man at the end of the commercial that professes his love for Angie and then apologizes to his wife. It’s very awkward.

The Brewers recently removed a fan who wore an altered Ryan Braun jersey to a game. The female fan had altered the last name to read FRAUD. The Brewers offered an apology the following day.

My belief is the only way that things will change in the game is if home fans show their disapproval for cheaters to ownership.

Top 5 ways Alex Rodriquez celebrated his 38th birthday.

5. Looking in the mirror and repeating “I am good enough , smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.”

4. Attempting to have his MRI evaluated by Dr. Seuss

3.  Watching City Slickers 2 – the Legend of Curly’s Gold.

2. Changing his name to George Zimmerman.

1. Calling Anthony Weiner and asking him what’s new?

Congrats to WNBA super star Candace Parker who was recently named MVP of the All-Star game.

Every time I look up, the WNBA is either in the finals or at break. Am I the only one who thinks the WNBA plays like 8 seasons in one calendar year?

Josh Hamilton Update.

.223 15 home runs and 43 Runs batted in.

I think I would be able to hear the displeasure from the fans with Hamilton’s  lack of production.

Remember my brother and I bet lunch on who would have better stats at the end of the year – Hamilton or Robbie Cano.

Classic Rex Ryan.

When asked about South Carolina defensive freak Jadeveon Clowney – he said if the Jets were talking about Clowney next year then he (Ryan) wouldn’t be around.

I have been watching lots of Yankee games on YES classics this month. Recently, I watched a game from either 2000 or 2001 in which Derek Jeter hit a home run and Alfonso Soriano drive in the winning run. Mariano Rivera pitched a perfect ninth.

No wait. That was Sunday. 2013. The Yankees are trying to turn back time with Soriano to make the playoffs.

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