Coaches Corner – 8/13/13

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by Yankee Todd,

I absolutely loved Peyton and Eli’s Direct TV rap. I almost wet my pants when I first saw it. It reminds me of something Chris from Columbus and I might have tried to pull off in high school.

From the comics section of Major League Baseball, Albert Pujols  is threatening to sue Jack Clark over his allegations that Pujols used steroids early in his career. Clark’s sports talk show was canceled. Maybe he could DH for the Yanks now that he has time on his hands.

Ultimately, Pujols contract, I think, will go down as being worse than what the Yanks and Rodriquez agreed to. Pujols still has 8 years left on his deal.

Some of you know that I used to be a teacher/coach in my former life. While teaching history, we dealt with plenty of “What ifs?”

Lets play the What if? game with sports.

What if ARod hits .350 during his appeal? He drives in 30 runs and hits 8-10 homer runs during his appeal. What if his production leads the Yankees to the playoffs? Or knocks a team out of playoff contention?

Or what if hits  .240 with 2 home runs and 9 runs batted in? Is that the ARod we will remember?

Lets rewind even more. What if ARod had never offended Derek Jeter in that Esquire article in 2001?

What if ARod had not used steroids?

What if people actually liked him?

What records would he have broken?

I am in the minority. I think ARod, set aside all his selfishness, his insecurities, his odd behavior, and the fact he cheated, was punished harsher by MLB because he’s ARod.

I want MLB to release the evidence they have on ARod obstructing justice because without a smoking gun (not the one Aaron Hernandez threw in a lake in Bristol, Connecticut) he should have received a similar punishment as Ryan Braun. Let’s not forget that Braun ruined a man’s career. As far as I know, ARod has only ruined his own career.

What if Johnny Football had laid low over the summer?

The image of Johnny Football encouraging his teammates after tossing the game winning QB against Alabama gives you a true glimpse as to the leader he is. Don’t ever doubt that all his partying will effect his play on the football field or the respect his teammates have for him.

Here’s another reason to love Johnny Football. He has his own Turtle. His friend, Nate Fitch, who probably ran the autograph for payment program,  is referred to as Turtle, from the hit show Entourage.

The Manziel mess highlights an issue that is bigger than a 20 year old hustling for a buck or a tattoo.  Ultimately, it leads to the debate – should a college athlete get paid?

Is the degree and tuition enough?

If I buy a Manziel jersey for 59.99, should the athlete receive any of that profit?

I have struggled with this dilemma. While I believe that the athletes are exploited and making millions upon millions for the universities, what formula would be used to compensate the athletes? Would Johnny Manziel make as much as Eric Sosa, the starting QB for my University of Texas at San Antonio?

Would paying the athletes make college athletics kin to professional football?

I don’t know the answer, but if an athletes likeness is used, then they should be compensated. Ed O’Bannon beat this drum years ago.

What if the code of Harry was used by Dexter on sports figures in the news? OJ? Aaron Hernandez? What would be their fate?

Note to all criminals in the Detroit area – don’t break into Kid Rock’s home. Kid issued a warning to all 40 year old balding men in creeper vans that he is an avid hunter and marksman after someone attempted to break into his home.

My son Andrew is a sports fan. Recently, I was greeted by him as I returned home from work. He had a huge smile on his face and was saying,” Dad, guess what, guess what?”

“What buddy?”

“The butt fumble was voted worst of the worst for the 35th week in a row!!”

I love having a son that is a sports fan.

Here are my 11 year old son’s predictions for the upcoming football season.

Adrian Peterson will rush for 2,000 yards but will fall short of his goal of 2,500.

Geno Smith will be the starting QB for the Jets by mid season. Mark Sanchez will start opening day and Darnelle Revis will pick off Sanchez in week one.

The Giants will make the playoffs this year and Cowboys will not. In fact, Jason Garett will be fired after America’s team finishes 7-9.

Phil Hughes has been a major disappointment this year. It’s sad because I truly thought Hughes was going to be a solid Yankee for years to come.  Coach Schott went so far as to declare he wanted him released or demoted to Trenton, not even Triple A.

I can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with CC either.

Th Yankees are hard to watch.  To be honest, I am only watching the Yanks now to enjoy the circus. I keep waiting for Roger Clemons to make another announcement from the press box that he was making a comeback.

I don’t want the TV series Dexter to end.

Just like I didn’t want Get a Life or Strangers with Candy to ever end.

Kellen Winslow should be a good addition for the Jets. The problem all year will be can a QB get him the ball?

I bet my brother at the beginning of the year that the Yankees would win more games than they would lose. It looked like a lock but now I am not so sure.

Enjoy your week.

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