Coaches Corner – 9/15/13

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by Yankee Todd,

The Cowboys are back to .500 and Green Bay announced to the world that they were not done after losing to San Fran last week.  Aaron Rogers threw for 480 yards as the Skins fell to 0-2.

Brandon Jacobs still can’t run the ball and the University of Texas might be looking for a new head coach soon after falling to 1-2 on the season.

Why couldn’t the Giants open the season against Jacksonville? The Jags are so bad that a local Florida TV station apologized for showing their game. The Jags are so bad they don’t even want Tim Tebow to pray for them.

The Giants just look lost on offense.  It’s really hard to watch.

#Johnnyfootball proved he is the most exciting player in college football with an incredible effort against Alabama but came up short. The Alabama offensive line completely man handled the Aggies. Manziel threw one bad interception otherwise was near perfect.

Aggies receiver Mike Evans caught 7 passes for a jaw dropping 279 yards. He reminds me a lot of NY Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks.

Watching CBS, their use of the color yellow to indicate a final score was extremely confusing. Every time I looked at the screen I thought we had a penalty.

When EJ Manuel was selected in the first round by the Buffalo Bills many were shocked. New head Coach Doug Marrone  was taking a huge gamble on a rookie quarterback knowing his success as a head coach would be tied to how quickly EJ Manuel could progress.

Well if you doubted Marrone, you can’t anymore after Manuel took the team the length of the field without a timeout to defeat the Carolina Panthers. I’ve attended many Bills  home games and wish I was there this Sunday to celebrate with the Western New York fans.

Manuel gave the game ball to his father after the game.

Congrats to Marrone’s former team, the Syracuse Orange, who defeated Wagner 54-0 to earn their first victory of the year. Former Oklahoma Sooner, Drew Allen,  who transfered to Syracuse, was benched at QB for Sophomore QB Terrel Hunt. If the numbers don’t lie, Allen might never step on the field again. Hunt has led  touchdown drives on 6 of his 7 drives dating back to the Northwestern loss.  The offense produced a field goal on the other drive. The 6’3 quarterback gives the Orange excitement and hope as the schedule will get tougher with ACC play.

My brother and I made five bets before the baseball season started.

Here’s a recap.

Robbie Cano would have a better season offensively than Josh Hamilton.

Cano .312 27 homers and 103 runs batted in.
Hamilton .245 20 homers and 67 runs batted in.

The Rangers would have a better record than the Angels.

Rangers 81-66
Angels 71-77

Yu Darvish would have more wins than CJ Wilson.

Darvish 12
Wilson 16

Darvish has lost four games 1-0.

The Yankees would have more wins than losses

Yankees 79-70

The Yankees would make the playoffs

If the season ended today, the Yankees would fail to make the playoffs. Right now they are three games behind Tampa and Texas.

It looks like I could win three out of the five bets.

The University of Texas at San Antonio has the same record as the University of Texas at Austin. The Roadrunners, who joined Conference USA this year, opened the season by defeating New Mexico on the road and then falling to Oklahoma State and Arizona. Former Miami Hurricane coach Larry Coker has the San Antonio area excited about the prospects of the third year program.  The Roadrunners look to even their record at 2-2 against UTEP next week.

Hats off to Rice for defeating Kansas for the second year in a row. Keep an eye on Rice, mostly known for their academics and not their football. Charles Ross, from San Antonio, leads an effective running game. The Owls will look for another bowl victory this year.

Congrats to the San Antonio Missions, a double A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, who won the Texas League Championship.

It was touching to see Rutgers retire Eric LeGrand’s jersey this past weekend.

The Houston Texans are 2-0 for the fourth straight year. Ed Reed hasn’t played yet and might play next week against, guess who?

The Ravens.

The WNBA is still playing?  Seriously?

Josh Freeman was once the face of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now it’s being reported the he will seek a trade during the season.

There is no truth to the rumor that in the new Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips that Hank’s character survives by befriending a volleyball named Wilson.

So sad to see the fire destroy the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ. As a youth, we would spend two weeks each summer at the Jersey Shore. How much more can the people of Jersey take?

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  • Steve Farace

    Coach – I agree with you on the Giants. 0-2 to start the season. What happened the last time they started 0-2?

  • Stan

    I’ve followed your articles and just wanted to let you know that I’m with you on #johnnyfootball. He is amazing. What do you think his prospects are of becoming an NFL quarterback? A real one (not like Tebow).

    • Yankee Todd

      Hi Stan
      Thanks for the follow.

      I was lucky enough to see #johnnyfootball play multiple times in high school. I was a believer in him when he lost to a San Antonio, Texas team had had multiple D1 players on it 61-56 and started as a 10th grader at tailback. Following his career — I wondered why he was overlooked — and then wondered why Chip Kelly was the only one to offer him a chance to play QB at Oregon.

      Can he play at the next level? Absolutely!! He is only 20 years old and is a winner. Some have questioned him as a teammate. They are not in the same huddle. You can’t find a teammate to say something negative about him.

      Manziel is better than Doug Flutie.

      Manziel is not Peyton Manning.

      But he is better than anyone the Jets run out as QB.
      He is better than Brandon Weeden.
      He is better than whoever Jacksonville has.

      He isn’t better than Brady or Rogers — but lots of folks are not.

      He could start for Minnesota right now. He could start for the Titans.

      He couldn’t start for the Giants but he could start for Oakland.

      There will be doubters. But someone will take a shot on him and he will be in the league for a long time.

      He attended Kerrville Tivy High School in the San Antonio, Texas.

      His speech when he accepted the Heisman award —

      “Tivy pride never dies”

      Made me stand up and cheer.

      The guy might not be Tim Tebow (and thats a good thing) because Tebow isn’t a QB.

      Manziel will be a NFL player next year!!!