Coaches Corner – 9/23/13

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by Yankee Todd,

I’ve never been embarrassed to be a fan of the teams I have routed for. The Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Spurs are organizations that have generally been successful or at least competitive. But right now, I am at a loss for words to describe the play of the New York Giants. The Giants are 0-3 and play Kansas City, the Eagles and the Bears in the next three weeks. Could the Giants be 1-5 or 0-6?

I would have bet my house that the Jets wouldn’t have a better record after three games than the Giants.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kansas City Chiefs won at least two playoff games.

The Packers are 1-2.
Minnesota is 0-3.
The Redskins are 0-3.
San Fran is 1-2.

Rex Ryan had almost as much jewelry as Mr. T on during the Jets impressive win against the Bills.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. David Robinson is a legend in the city. Not only did he put the city on the NBA map with his basketball skills but he’s also active in his church and about 10 years ago he opened a Christian school in the poorest part of San Antonio.

It’s nice to see his son, Corey, a freshman wide receiver  at Notre Dame, beginning to make his own name. The 6’4 receiver is going to be a match up nightmare for years to come. As he begins to experience success, you know his father will not allow him to lose sight of who he is or where he came from. These are the stories in college athletics that we need to focus on.

Catch them if you can.  That’s the offense of the Baylor Bears. While they have not played the most impressive schedule this year, they put up points faster than most teenagers can score on their XBOX or PS3.

Remember the name Lache Seastrunk. The lighting quick junior running back could sneak into the Heisman discussion if he continues to put up impressive numbers.
Seastrunk was originally a member of the Oregon Ducks and his name was linked to a controversial agent. A native of Central Texas, Seastrunk left the Ducks and enrolled at Baylor. Coach Art Briles is happy the star back is back in the Lone Star state.

Even with the victory over Kansas State,  the University of Texas football team is in disarray. Head Coach Mack Brown is on the hot seat. In a state where every male thinks that they are a better coach than most others, fingers are being pointed all over Austin. Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz was fired after giving up close to a million yards against BYU. Former Syracuse Orange and Michigan DC, Greg Robinson was named new DC in Austin. Robinson’s first performance was an embarrassing home loss to Ole Miss.  While the defense played better last night, Kansas State is not a very good team.

Many think that Mack Brown will step down at the end of the year. How soon we forget about the Vince Young led team that won a national championship by defeating USC.

Whoever is the next coach at the University of Texas will be sitting on a gold mine. The state is loaded with talent and the facilities in Austin are as good as any. Rumors are flying that Austin is trying to lure Nick Sabin to Texas.

Congrats to the University of Texas at San Antonio who defeated UTEP in El Paso, Texas to move to 2-2 on the season. The win was their first win in Conference USA. The third year program’s two loses are to Oklahoma State and Arizona this year. Next week will be a good measuring stick for the Larry Coker led team as they host the University of Houston.

If I were a resident of Cleveland, I would boycott ever watching the Browns again. Two weeks into the season, the team traded Trent Richardson, the same Richardson they traded up three spots to draft last year. Richardson will add depth to the Colts backfield, provide insurance to Ahmad Bradshaw and also be a good target for Luck out of the backfield.

Did the Giants try to acquire Richardson? I hope so.

As the baseball season winds down and the Yankees continue to fight for a playoff spot, a realization hit me. The Yankees, as I have known them, will never be the same. Mariano Rivera, the classiest Yankee ever to wear the pinstripes, will ride into the sunset shortly. Andy Pettitte, who I believe will be a member of the Hall of Fame, announced he will retire at the end of season. And that leaves the Captain. Will the Yankees pick up the team option on a 40 year old that was robbed of almost an entire year?

For me, I was lucky that for the last 20 years, my favorite organization was filled with true legends that played the game the way it was meant to be played. Who will be the face of the Yankees for the next 20 years? I’m not sure we will have a Mo, Andy or Derek ever again.

Mariano Rivera, wished that George Steinbrenner was able to be with him during potentially his last game in the Bronx. I can speak for so many Yankee fans that wish the Boss was still with us also.

I’m also not going to lie, when the crowd chanted Mariano after his speech , I got goose bumps and chills.

With the offensive line in shambles, I would take #johnnyfootball’s scrambling ability on the hapless NY Giants.

Did you like the Dexter season finale?

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