CST Throwback Thursday: Film of the Week

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by Steve Farace,

There are certain comedy duo’s that just bring the laughs and in Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bring the damn laughs. In this critics opinion, they are one of, if not the best comedy duos in a film in this century. Truth be told, I believe my love for bacon wrapped scallops began it this movie. In all seriousness, the combination of a great cast and a very cool story make this one of my favorite comedies of all time and also one that can be watched over and over again. It can be quoted all day long as well – I’m gonna make you a bicycle, but I don’t wanna make you a bicycle. You see that? It never gets old.

Let’s start with the story. If you are a guy, this story could be one that dreams are made of. Imagine crashing weddings and enjoying the amazing food and while I won’t condone going to weddings to sleep with women, it could be the dreams of some men. You all know by now that me answering politically just isn’t my thing so if that didn’t sound genuine you know why. So the two guys are out there crashing weddings and they both break the rules by falling for a couple of women they targeted. Yes, there are rules that a crasher needs to abide by including never leave a fellow crasher behind. Along the way, there are some simply hilarious moments  on the football field and in the bedroom where a rape (not really a rape people so relax) and a dirty sweaty sock is involved.

If you like raunchy comedies that deal in plenty of f-bombs galore, then Wedding Crashers is for you. If you are reading this and you have not seen this flick yet, I don’t want to know you or speak to you until you have seen it and you send in a video of you laughing your ass off to me directly. Actually, if the video involves your ass in any way you can keep it and I will just trust that you have seen the movie.

So do you remember earlier when I told you I thought these guys were one of the best comedies duos of this century? Well, I went for a drive around the internet to see which critic geniuses agreed with me and I found something that I thought was interesting. A website that will remain nameless (although it starts with a screen and ends in a rant) didn’t name Vaughn and Wilson in their top duos of all time, but they did mention Tatum and Hill from 21 and 22 Jump Street. That site that I will not name is not a site that I ever had much respect for, but now that little bit of respect is just about gone. You have got to be kidding me.

Anyway, getting back to the flick – along with the great cast of Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams (who I loved) and Isla Fisher, we also get Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour, Will Ferrell (when he was funny) and Bradley Cooper in his early years. It is a nicely filled out cast and keeps the laughter flowing from start to finish. It is directed by David Dobkin who has directed or produced good films such as The Judge and Shanghai Knights (kinda) and also has been attached to some clunkers in R.I.P.D., Mr. Woodcock and Fred Claus. Well, you can’t win them all now can you. If you are looking for a comedy to get you through some tough times in your life or if you just want to have a laugh (or 100 laughs) then Wedding Crashers is for you. Take a look a bit further below to see some of my favorite scenes from this one.

Final Word


Everytime you turn around he is down on the floor again! Crab cakes and football baby!

So what if he needed a little more time to close the deal. We have all been there before, right? Well not me, but I am sure some of you have. Anyway, that’s a damn good looking breakfast spread.

And finally, the best of Christopher Walken in Wedding Crashers. He has some great moments!