CST Throwback Thursday: Film of the Week

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by Ralph Linardic,

If you listened to The Knowbodies Podcast this week, you know that we talked slasher films. I want to continue that conversation here with this week’s throwback film, “It Follows”.

I’m a fan of horror films, but I don’t make it a priority to see all of them. In general, most of them follow the same format and have the same jump scares. If I’m going to take two hours to watch a scary movie, I need to know that it’s worth my time. Horror movies, in my opinion, should be inventive, imaginative, and find new ways to scare.


What stood out to me in “It Follows”, and what makes it special in my opinion, is how it combines horror and science-fiction. Yes, I believe that it falls under the sci-fi genre because of how the mythology plays out and the very specific details that are inserted. The evil spirit in this film has such an original backstory and a great power that it gives this movie that feel. Also, I can’t forget how heavily the score affects the story. The music makes the movie more horrifying while bringing a science-fiction feel. Composer Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace did an extraordinary job.

Maika Monroe plays Jay, and her performance far exceeds lead actors from most horror movies. I like how she didn’t show a lot of emotion because it felt natural for what the character was feeling. Jay is a bland character, yet I still felt for her because of Maika’s performance and the supporting elements. The scene where she gets to show her acting talent is the wheelchair scene. Most of the movie, Jay is subdued, but in this scene you can see how terrified she is being tied to a wheelchair and seeing the “slasher” villain.

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The movie stays void of the usual horror tropes, and therefore I think it’s a special horror film. The “slasher” stays fresh because every time we see it, a different person has been possessed by it. Also, the movie moves quickly and takes advantage of many different locations, so it stays fresh. This helped avoid the usual jump scares that are in your average horror movie.

I would be upset with myself if I didn’t mention the cinematography. Mike Gioulakis added so much to the film. Horror movies aren’t usually stylized, but this movie had a beautiful, 80’s look. Horror movies need good shots to stand-out and to be different. This film falls in that category.

“It Follows” is one of the best slasher films and the best horror film of this century. The science-fiction feel helps it stand out while keeping the film fresh. The scares are truly horrifying due to how the slasher is explained and how it takes the body of many different people. It has an extraordinary score and deserves to be watched.

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