CST Top 10: Gia’s Top 10 Will Ferrell Movies

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Ah, Will Ferrell. Despite his tallness, dirty mind, and superior improvisational skills (hilarious mostly with the help of his scene partners), Ferrell is the king of hit-or-miss for me.

Although I am a hardcore fan from his work on Saturday Night Live (both goofy and raunchy), the impressions master/sketch warrior has made me both laugh out loud and shake my head at his crudeness in his films…I always seem to find myself confounded.

However! If you were to ask me, “what’s your favorite Christmas movie?”  Elf would be in my top 5. If you ask me, “what’s your favorite SNL movie?” Roxbury with no hesitation. “Favorite modern movie musical?” Ferrell’s performance in The Producers in unforgettable. (Also, he referenced my all-time favorite musical Jersey Boys in his film The Other Guys; 10 points to Willy).

Plus, there is no doubt that Will Ferrell has been a part of some of the most CLASSIC comedies from the early 2000s. Anchorman, Zoolander, Step Brothers, Wedding Crashers, etc. I may not particularly “like” all of them, but there is no denying his “LOL” appeal. He either spearheads popular comedies or slays his featured roles, thus making those movies even more popular.

So! I rank my Top 10 WF Films by consistent laugh-out-loud quality and (my personal favorite film-loving category), quotability. The to 5 are easily quoted once a week.

The top 5 are honestly really the only ones I care for, but I respect the hell out #s 6-10. No one can pull them off like he does.

I hope I don’t piss you off.

10. Talladega Nights


9. Step Brothers


8. Anchorman 2


7. Zoolander


6. The Other Guys


“The costumes. The pageantry. Wow, what a musical!”

5. The Producers


4. Wedding Crashers


“Ma, the meatloaf!”

3. Anchorman


2. Night at the Roxbury



1. Elf


And this because it gets me every time!

Can we do a separate Top 10 for his SNL sketches?