CST Top 10: Jader’s Top 10 Will Ferrell Movies

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10. Daddy’s Home


The collaboration between Wahlberg and Ferrell was great in this… This movie fell under the radar for most people since it released against Star Wars- The Force Awakens. It still did fairly well in the box office but didn’t get the credit it somewhat deserved. This was a pleasant surprise.

9. Wedding Crashers


Most will argue that this is NOT a Will Ferrell movie, and for that reason alone it’s why it’s so low on this list… If this was a favorite comedy list this is on my top 3. Even though this movie follows John and Jeremy’s crazy wedding adventures they always mention the all mighty Chazz! When we finally see It’s Will Farrell he honestly steals the show in the two scene he is in! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE!

8. A Night at the Roxbury


First movie I remember seeing him in… I loved this movie growing up, I had the soundtrack and probably still bob my head side to side when I hear “What is love” you know you still do too…

7. Zoolander


Played an awesome villain.

6. The Other Guys


Another movie where he wasn’t the obnoxious character he usually plays and did really well in it.

5. Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


First collaboration I saw with Reilly and Ferrell. I had no interest in seeing this at first and ended up loving it. Shake and Bake!

4. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy


Stupid, obnoxious fun. The fight scene in the end and the part where Baxter the dog gets punted off the bridge had me in TEARS!

3. Elf


Charming, and lots of heart. Family fun, and Favreau and the cast pulled it off with a very funny non raunchy comedy.

2. Old School


Loved the transition that Ferrell did from the beginning of this film to end. How he started off from “Going to Home Depot” to “We are going streaking!” Another movie with memorable quotes, and amazing chemistry from our three lead actors.

1. Step Brothers


Probably one the most quotable movies for me. Loved everyone in this movie. Reilly and Ferrell’s chemistry was superb yet again!