CST Top 10: Top 10 Comic Book Movie Villains

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with nothing really big coming out because every movie wants to get as far as possible from Infinity War and Thanos being an absolute monster of a character, we decided to do Top 10 comic book villains. There have been many iconic villains who were adapted from the comics to the screen. Whenever a film has a great villain, it immediately elevates the quality. Without further anticipation, here we go!

10. Green Goblin

To begin our list, we have the villain from Sam Raimi’s first Spiderman in the Green Goblin. Spiderman came out back in 2002 when comic book movies were nowhere near as big as they are today. To be memorable they had to be good and when Willem Dafoe delivered the way he did, it made the movie memorable. We all know that green mask and the evil laugh he has. Dafoe has always been a tremendous actor, and here he only continued to prove that.

9. Zod

At number nine, we have the only villain from the current run of DC films in General Zod. What made Zod stand out in Man of Steel was just how menacing he was. He could turn the switch from being reasonable to crazy so perfectly. This is a testament to Michael Shannon’s performance and just how great of an actor he is. Man of Steel is not the greatest film out there, but the performances by all the actors elevate what is a rather mediocre movie.

8. Bane

Settling into the eight spot is Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Played by Tom Hardy, Bane had the task of following up Heath Ledger’s Joker and he did a really good job. What Bane did so well was command attention whenever he was on screen. His voice was surprising at first, but once you settled in you realize it fit the character so well. You respected him as an adversary to Batman and when he broke Batman’s back, you knew he meant business. He was as great a follow-up to Joker as you could get.

7. Vulture

Coming in at number seven is Adrian Toomes known as The Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming. This was the villain that turned around Marvel’s villain problem for good. Michael Keaton was just as great as he always is and really sold the character as an honest man who just wants to provide for his family. He wants no trouble but is willing to do whatever it takes in order to make his family happy. The scene where he puts together that Peter Parker is Spiderman is perfect and Keaton sells it so well. He is just an average guy who was screwed by the government, we can all relate to that.

6. Doctor Octopus

Rounding out the bottom five is Doctor Otto Octavius also known as Doc Oc from Spiderman 2. Spiderman has always had some of the greatest villains in the comics, Doc Oc was not ever viewed as one. Then Alfred Molina came around in Spiderman 2 and made us completely change our minds. He was such a tragic character that was overtaken by his own creation. Raimi once again made a goofy villain come alive on screen and became one of the most memorable of all time.

5. Loki

Starting off the top five is Loki from the Thor films and Avenger’s films. Loki from the beginning has always been such a fascinating character who has evolved throughout multiple films. He is the brother of Thor and has suffered from always being in Thor’s shadow. He wants to be king and went from absolutely hating Thor to really caring about his brother in Avengers Infinity War. His relationship with Thor has been so great and Tom Hiddleston has been a treasure in the Marvel movies and will always be remembered as the first great MCU villain.

4. Magneto

At number four we have the only X-Men villain on the list in Magneto. There are multiple versions of this character, but we are going to focus on Michael Fassbender. Fassbender killed it as the character and took the character in such a bold direction from the hands of Ian McKellen. Magneto believes mutants should be treated as equals and is willing to do anything to make that so. Fassbender is just so great as Magneto and makes you really understand his point of view. It’s a shame the X-Men films couldn’t produce another great villain.

3. Killmonger

At number three we have another MCU villain in Erik Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan. This entire film was so great but what Jordan did with Killmonger was spectacular. He stole the movie from Black Panther and was what everyone was talking about coming out of the movie. Killmonger points out an obvious in sharing Wakanda’s resources but wants to use those resources to go to war. You can relate to his point and why he has this mindset, but you know just how crazy he is. Jordan’s performance is fantastic and helped establish a strong new franchise in Black Panther.

2. Thanos

Next up on the list we have the villain who inspired this list in Thanos. Let me just start off by saying that Thanos and our number one are basically 1a and 1b. What Josh Brolin did with Thanos was nothing short of spectacular. We have been building towards this guy ever since the end of The Avengers and he certainly paid off. Once again, we understood his motivation and how he got to that point. The sacrifices he makes to achieve his destiny are tragic and he draws you to him every time he appears. Avengers: Infinity War is his movie and he owns it to the point where we can no longer say Marvel has a villain problem. This man is spectacular.

1. Joker

At the top spot on this list we have The Joker from The Dark Knight. What more is there to be said about this character that has not already been said? Heath Ledger gave one of the most memorable performances of all time and won an Oscar for it even though he passed away during production. Unlike Thanos, Joker really doesn’t have a motivation for what he is doing besides to cause chaos and test Batman. The performance carries the character more than the motivations but that is OK because he is amazing. Until Infinity War, no one had come close to Joker and now we have two great comic book villains in movie history.

So, there you have it! The Top 10 Comic Book Movie Villains of all time! There were certainly some excellent choices to choose from, but our result was something I am proud of. What does your list look like? Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? Where does Thanos rank for you? Jump into the comments and let us know. We will see you next week when the Top 10 list returns.