CST Top 10: Top 10 Heist Films

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Ocean’s 8 being released, we decided to countdown the Top 10 Heist Films. People have very different definitions of what makes a movie a heist movie, so you might see some good movie towards the bottom. Without further ado, here we go!

10. Reservoir Dogs

Starting off the list is Reservoir Dogs. This is one of Quinten Tarantino’s first movies and is still acclaimed as one of his best. The reason why it is lower on the list is some people may not consider the heist to be the main plot point. The movie is more about them trying to find out which of them is not who they say they are. Yes, there is a heist, but it is not the main crux of the movie. Either way, this is still a terrific film.

9. Die Hard

At number nine we have a film that seems to pop up on many of our lists in Die Hard. Now I know this might seem very low for a film as highly regarded as this, but it makes sense why it is so low. People don’t consider this to be a heist film. When you hear the name Die Hard, you think of action. This is an action movie above all else. The heist is not the main point of the movie. Most of us did not have it on the list because of this. Die Hard is a great action film and an ok heist film.

8. Dog Day Afternoon

Coming in at number eight we have Dog Day Afternoon. Here we see how a bank heist can go terribly wrong. We understand where Al Pacino’s character is coming from when he decides to do this heist, however it does not make it right. The heist quickly turns extreme and becomes high profile. Pacino is great here and the film keeps you engaged start to finish.

7. Ant-Man

Coming in at number seven is the actual number one in Antman. This movie was way better than it had any business being. They changed directors from Edgar Wright to Peyton Reed and everyone was worried about it. What we got was a great heist film that also acted as a superhero film. Paul Rudd is fantastic here as Scott Land and his chemistry with Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas is fantastic. The sequel looks amazing and I could not be more excited for what looks like another heist film.

6. Baby Driver

Just missing out of the top five is Baby Driver. One of the most original movies in recent memory, Baby Driver was a whirlwind of fun. Here we saw Edgar Wright be able to combine action with music like none other has done before. The heists that take place here are great and the focus is on the getaways, an aspect of the heist that isn’t looked at as much in other movies. Ansel Elgort broke out as a star here and we can’t wait to see where his career goes from here.

5. The Usual Suspects

Starting off the top five is another movie starring a man who shall not be named in The Usual Suspects. The Usual Suspects is well known for having one of the greatest twists ever, but the heist is terrific as well. This movie is soiled with a director and star who weren’t the greatest people which is a shame since this movie is so well done. The Usual Suspects will always be an all-time great film.

4. Ocean’s Eleven

Coming in at number four we have the essential heist film in Ocean’s Eleven. Steven Soderbergh took the original film and improved on it with an all star cast in George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle to name a few. This is the definition of a heist film. Other films have heists, but have other stuff going on. Ocean’s Eleven is about the heist alone and it is such a fun time. The sequels are ok and hopefully Ocean’s 8 is as fun or better than Ocean’s Eleven.

3. The Town

At number three we have The Town. The Town is directed by Ben Affleck and was only his second feature ever. What came of it was a massively critically acclaimed film set in the city of Boston. The film is about a man who must balance his personal life with his criminal life and the dynamic between the cast is fantastic. Jeremy Renner is at his best here along with John Hamm and Blake Lively. Everyone brings their A-game and it leads to a dark yet fascinating story that grips you throughout.

2. Heat

At number two and just missing out on the top spot is Heat. We have talked about Heat a couple times in other lists as it is known as one of the greatest films to not receive an Oscar nomination for best picture. De Niro and Pacino are great here and their dynamic makes this long movie fascinating to watch. It is one of the best criminal and cop films ever made and deserves all the praise it received. It would’ve been number one had it not been for another film.

1. Inception

Coming in at number one on our list is Inception. Christopher Nolan fans rejoice as your man takes the top spot. Inception is absolutely a heist film and what makes it great is they are not stealing money, they are stealing thoughts. Going into dreams is so fascinating to watch and Nolan crafted such an interesting world to explore which he takes full us of. Inception is on of the most original movies ever and deserves the top spot on this list.

So, there you have it! The Top 10 best Heist Films. This was such a fun list to come up with because most of these films are a blast. What does your list look like? Are we missing anything? What defines a heist film for you? Jump into the comments and let us know and we will see you next week with an INCREDIBLE list.