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CST Top 10: Top 10 Jeff Goldblum

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Hey all – Steve here. Before we get to this edition of the Top 10, I have to just tell you I dropped the ball last week. The list was all ready to go and I just did not have the time to post it. I wanted to come clean before you read this because obviously this list would have made more sense dropping last week. You will like it this week just as much as you would have last week! Sooooo…let’s get to it. Take it away, Kyle!

Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom being released, we decided to countdown the Top 10 Jeff Goldblum movies. Jeff Goldblum has always been an interesting and strange individual. One who is weird but in the greatest way possible. He improves every film he is in and you immediately notice his voice whenever you hear it. What better time was there to do this list? Without further ado, here we go!

10. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Starting off our list fittingly enough is The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The Lost world is very interesting. People either love or hate this movie. Steven Spielberg returned to direct the follow-up to the original Jurassic Park and while it was no where near as good, it still gave a take on the franchise. Goldblum returned here as one of his greatest characters and didn’t miss a beat. I feel as if The Lost World gets bunched into the “Jurassic Park sequels” conversation unfairly for not being good when it is actually an enjoyable film.

9. Mister Frost

At number nine is a rather unorthodox film in Mister Frost. Here we find Jeff Goldblum as the star of a horror/thriller movie and he is fantastic. Jeff Goldblum carries this movie and without him, the film would have been awful. This is where his quirkiness gets to shine as he plays a mysterious character who clearly should not be trusted. He is a dangerous man who is not who he seems, and Goldblum was great for the part.

8. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Coming in at number eight is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Here we see Jeff Goldblum team with Wes Anderson and they are a perfect combination for each other. Goldblum plays the nemesis to Bill Murray as Zissou and if that doesn’t hook you right there, I don’t know what will. I could watch Goldblum and Murray go back and forth for hours and not get bored. Goldblum is once again a villain type and does a beautiful job at it.

7. Earth Girls are Easy

At number seven we have the very strange Earth Girls are Easy. This is such a peculiar movie and just hearing the premise would make you think this is a late-night Cinemax movie. What we actually have is a movie where Jeff Goldblum plays an alien who is looking for companionship with an earth girl. This is such a strange movie that doesn’t work that well, but it does have a following so people see something in it. Goldblum and Geena Davis are great together and help elevate this film to heights others could not achieve.

6. The Big Chill

Just missing out on the top five we have The Big Chill. The Big Chill is a great film that most people seem to have forgotten about and don’t talk about much anymore. Here we see a group of friends reunite after years of separation to mourn the loss of a friend. Goldblum, Tom Berenger, and Glenn Close are all great in this film and bring both comedy and drama. The Big Chill was nominated for three Oscars and is a film more people should revisit.

5. Thor: Ragnarok

Starting off the top five we have the wonderful Thor: Ragnarok. This movie grows on me more and more every time I watch it. It is just a blast from start to finish with some of the best humor I have ever seen. Goldblum basically plays himself here and it works so well. He is weird yet likeable and you can’t help but be drawn to him. This is the best Thor movie easily and it features Korg. How can you not like a film that has Jeff Goldblum and Korg? I know this film will appear on many lists to come.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

At number four we have another Wes Anderson film in The Grand Budapest Hotel. This is one of Wes Anderson’s more accessible films and its because it is such a delight. There are terrific characters all over the place including Goldblum. The set design of the hotel is so interesting, and it is just a film where you gain more enjoyment with every viewing. It is no wonder why it was so critically acclaimed upon release.

3. Independence Day

Coming in at number three we have Independence Day. Independence Day is the very definition of a big summer blockbuster. It is an alien invasion story with giant explosions and evil extraterrestrials that destroy everything in its path. You then add the duo of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as your leads and you have a classic. It is too bad that the sequel was absolute garbage because it sort of tainted this film. However, if you just want to turn your brain off and watch people fight aliens, this is the movie for you.

2. The Fly

Just missing out on the top spot is David Cronenberg’s The Fly. The Fly is a disturbing and unsettling film that just leaves you disgusted and heartbroken. Jeff Goldblum gives his best performance ever here as the lead and he makes you feel for him as he undergoes his transformation throughout the movie. A film about a man turning into a fly could easily be awful but the combination of Goldblum and Cronenberg leading the charge made this a great film. When you think of Goldblum, this and one other thing are what you think of. That other thing is…

1. Jurassic Park

At the number one position on our list of Jeff Goldblum movies is Jurassic Park. The inspiration behind this list. Jurassic Park is a classic through and through. It is still such an anomaly for its time with what it did with its effects and storytelling. You believed dinosaurs were on screen the moment you see them and John William’s beloved score plays. Goldblum plays his most well-known character her as Ian Malcolm and we all know that classic scene where we can see his chest. This is one of the greatest films ever and deserves the number one spot.

So, there you have it! The Top 10 Jeff Goldblum movies. This is such a fascinating man with a colorful career who has made great movies and terrible ones. What does your list look like? Are we missing anything? Will Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom find a way onto this list? Let us know your thoughts and we will see you next week with another list!