CST Top 10: Top 10 Kevin Spacey Films

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Welcome back to the weekly CST top 10 list where we create a topic and make a list of the top 10 based on that topic. This week, there has been a lot of unfortunate news in the Hollywood industry and careers are coming to a sudden end. One of them is once renowned actor Kevin Spacey who has had an illustrious career up to this point. So instead of celebrating him, we have decided to do almost an obituary to his career. Look back at the great movies he has been a part of and celebrate the great work he has done, not him himself. We are separating the art from the artist so here we go with the Top 10 Kevin Spacey films. First the lists from Kyle, Steve, Nardo, Ralph and Jader and then our consensus 10-1 below:

10. Horrible Bosses 2

The follow-up to the original Horrible Bosses, the sequel was unexpected. While not as good as the original, it was still a fun time and some solid entertainment by a hilarious cast. I’m still hoping for a third, but that does not look likely.

9. A Time to Kill

A nice little movie that could’ve been your standard courtroom drama but instead, you get a movie with great performances across the board. Everyone here comes to play, especially Samuel L. Jackson. Just an all-around enjoyable movie.

8. Glengarry Glen Ross

Another great ensemble movie about the behind the scenes of the real estate business. Pacino earns himself an Oscar nomination here and stands out over an impressive ensemble. Some may argue that this is better than the play it is based on.

7. Horrible Bosses

This too me, is one of the funniest and most quotable movies of all time. The cast is terrific with a dumb premise that works because of them. From Charlie Day’s high voice to Jamie Foxx playing MotherF—-r Jones, there is so much to love about this movie.

6. A Bug’s Life

One of the earliest Pixar movies, I believe this is one of the most overlooked movies in history. I adore this movie and rather watch this over Wall-E, UP, or Incredibles. Spacey as Hopper is still the best Pixar villain and it makes me sad we never got a sequel, but instead got 3 Cars films.

5. Se7en

Considered one of Fincher’s best, this movie is a wild trip about the hunt for a serial killer. Some would argue this is Spacey’s best performance and really helped launch his career. This is a great movie many people should see.

4. Baby Driver

The most recent film for Spacey, this is one of the best times I’ve had in theaters. The way Edgar Wright directed this and made music a character in of itself is tremendous. Ansel Elgort puts on his best performance and gives Wright his first financially successful film.

3. L.A. Confidential

Another ensemble film that is carried by the leading performances from Pearce, Crow, and Spacey. Watching these 3 investigators follow a crime is fascinating and makes for a great movie. The movie won two Oscars so if that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will.

2. American Beauty

Spacey’s only win as a leading man, this movie is a great watch. It is unsettling and fascinating at the same time to go into the mindset of a man going through a mid-life crisis. It’s a shame that it may have foreshadowed events to come.

1. The Usual Suspects

Considered one of the greatest film of all time by many, this film not only won Oscars, but also has one of the greatest twists of all time. It is such a great journey to experience and a film that is still talked about today. Brian Singer delivered a fantastic movie with great performances.

So there you have it, the Top 10 Kevin Spacey Movies. Once again, we did not celebrate him only his work. What do you think of the list? Let us know and we will see you next week for Justice League.