CST Top 10: Top 10 Pixar Characters

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Incredibles 2 being released, we decided to countdown the Top 10 Best Pixar Characters. Pixar has been providing such rich characters for over 20 years now and you expect all their films to be special in some way. These characters have shaped childhoods everywhere so without further introduction, here we go!

10. Elastigirl

Starting off the list is a person who is part of the reason why we made this list in Elastigirl. It is worth noting that Mr. Incredible barely missed the list at number eleven. Elastigirl is the best character in The Incredibles. She is the most stable and smartest member of the family that holds them all together. She thinks on her toes and is more capable than her husband. Elastigirl dominated the screen when we first saw her, and it is a blessing that she is front and center of the upcoming sequel.

9. Joy

At number nine we have our only character from Inside Out in Joy. Some people find her annoying, but if you really look at her character, she is one of the best Pixar has ever created. Her drive to make Riley happy and that she will do whatever it takes to achieve that is so special to watch. You understand why she is so hard on Sadness and still root for her even though she can be mean at times. Amy Poehler was perfect casting here and brought the character to life like none other could.

8. Nemo

Coming in at number eight we have Nemo from Finding Nemo. Nemo is such a great character. He is just a child who suffered such a traumatic event when he was an infant and then suffers another when the divers take him. You watch the child grow up before your eyes and can relate to his innocence. His relationship with his father Marlin and the one he develops with Gil in the tank is fantastic and makes you care about the character and his survival.

7. Carl

At number seven we have the lead character in Up in Carl. Carl is such a sympathetic character from the start. He suffers such a huge loss at the beginning when you see his life flash before your eyes and see his wife pass away. He then becomes a grumpy old man who is lonely. You feel for him even though he is not the nicest person and want to see him get out of his rut. You see him grown when he meets Russell and how he learns to care again after wanting to run away. It is no surprise Up was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

6. Dory

Just missing out on the top five is another Finding Nemo character in Dory. Most people seem to love Dory and what her character symbolizes. She is a character with a disability who is treated like everyone else. Her short-term memory loss is such a hard thing to sell audiences and they use her the right way without her being annoying. Of course, they made Finding Dory which was not the best movie. They made it because people loved her character voiced perfectly by Ellen DeGeneres and the movie was successful as a result.

5. Mike Wazowski

Starting off the top five is the short, green, one-eyed monster Mike Wazowski. Personally, this is my favorite character in Pixar. He is a character who just wants to be as good as everyone else and learns that he has his own quality that makes him special and that is his personality. Mike’s personality is so likeable and his friendship with Sully is perfect. He is the brains to Sully’s muscle and their friendship is the best in any Pixar movie. He is terrific and deserves to be on this list.

4. Wall-E

Coming in at number four is a character whose name is in the title, Wall-E. Wall-E is a robot who is roaming the Earth years after all other life has either died or left. This character is so complex with close to zero lines of dialogue. He says his name and that is really it. However, you see him feel loneliness, happiness, and love in a way that a human would and that is an achievement in of itself. Wall-E is adorable and tragic at the same time and deserves his placement on the list.

3. Sully

At number three we have the other half of Monsters Inc., Sully. Sully is voiced by John Goodman and his combination with Billy Crystal as Mike is the best combo in any Pixar film. He is the best monster in the universe and is also a softy at heart. Sully learns to care for Boo and helps to save her when she is in danger. He becomes a dad and the last scene where he says goodbye to Boo is still a tearjerker. Sully looks incredible and will always be a staple in the Pixar universe.

2. Buzz

Just missing out on the top spot is Buzz Lightyear. We have had three movies worth of development for Buzz and he has come such a long way. His best appearance comes in the original Toy Story where he has to learn that he is not a space ranger, but a toy. At first you see him as ridiculous but then learn to feel bad for him when he starts to come to the realization he is a toy. I still get chills when he jumps off the balcony and realizes he can’t fly. Toy Story 3 did not do him the service he deserves and is why he is lower than our number one.

1. Woody

Coming in at the number one position is the other half of the Toy Story leads in Woody. Who doesn’t know Woody? He is the face of Pixar and is voiced by the iconic Tom Hanks. He is the lead of all three Toy Story films and his character arc is amazing in all of them. He has been with his owner Andy the longest and Woody’s journey towards the decision to let Andy go is heartbreaking. “So long partner” is a line that will make you cry at the end of Toy Story 3. We all wanted a Woody doll growing up and he is absolutely deserving of the top spot.

So, there you have it! The Top 10 Best Pixar Characters. This was a very fun list to make and there were so many great choices that had to get left off. We all have our favorites that we attach ourselves to since we were kids. What does your list look like? Comment below and let us know and we will see you next week when we might be talking about some dinosaur movie.