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CST Top 10: Top 10 Scores

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Top 10 is back again to bring you reading pleasure once again. What we do is come up with a topic, come up with our own lists, and combine them to make a consensus Top 10. This week with Yesterday coming out, we decided to do something music related. What better than to countdown one of the most important aspects of the film, the score? The music in the background that carries us through the film and accentuates those emotional moments? If you don’t know how important they are, prepare to find out here.

10. Superman

Starting off the list is our only superhero film to make the list and it happens to be the first in Superman. John Williams was just starting to really take off when this film came out as a composer and this film just cemented him as a great. You can hear the trumpets when the character comes on screen and the feeling of hop the character brings. It has lasted until today and even though Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score is fantastic, it doesn’t pass the original.

9. Back to the Future

Up next we have a score by a composer who really should be up here more in Alan Silvestri. We are talking about his score for Back to the Future. Back to the Future is considered by many to be a near perfect film and part of that has to do with the score. Alan Silvestri’s score was just incredible by giving a sense of wonder and imagination that exists in the world. They are time traveling and that brings excitement and the score only enhances that experience.

8. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

At number eight we have our only western to make the list in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The Western genre at one point dominated cinema and was by far the most popular genre, so it is only fair one of them has a score represented on this list. Ennio Morricone is a legend as a composer in the Western genre and basically did every famous film in that category. The tones and instruments used in this music are so incredibly crafted and melded together and you can always recognize what film you’re watching just by listening to this western’s score.

7. Halloween

Next up we have a score that is such an iconic piece of music instantly recognizable in Halloween. John Carpenter not only directed this film but composed the score as well which is an accomplishment in of itself. The score for Halloween is so chilling and will make your bones crumble as soon as you hear it. You can recognize that Michael Myers is coming, and it freaks you out as soon as the tone starts. It is such a simple yet genius composition that scares people to this day and has helped make the film live on.

6. Rocky

Just missing out on the top five is everyone’s favorite champ in Rocky. This is the best sports film that started a franchise still going on and it all began here. While the film is amazing, the score is incredible. Bill Conti’s music gives us the feel of an underdog in the fight of his life rising to the top and doing everything he can to beat the odds. People put on this score in the gym and even when they just need some motivation to overcome obstacles and be the best they can be. This music is inspiring.

5. Jaws

Next up is a film that is criminally low on this list in Jaws. Jaws is the film that started a trend in Hollywood that has changed the industry today. While the Halloween theme tells us Michael Myers is coming, the Jaws theme makes us want to stay out of the ocean. Watch Jaws without the score and the film instantly changes into a drama instead of horror. There is also an adventurous aspect when the crew sets off to sea. Everything combined makes this score so incredible and has become a theme for sharks everywhere.

4. Star Wars

What should be number one somehow found itself at number four in the original Star Wars or A New Hope. This has to be because of people who haven’t seen the movies right? Because even if you haven’t seen the movies, you know the score. Everyone can hum the Imperial March with its dark undertones or just the opening crawl which lets us know what world we are in. This is the biggest franchise of all time and without a score as iconic as it is, I don’t believe the franchise would be where it is at.  We should all be thanking John Williams.

3. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Speaking of John Williams, he is going for the threepeat here with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Another franchise I don’t believe would be where it’s at without the score. The music is just so adventurous with a rhythm that gets stuck in your head. It makes you want to go exploring and do things you probably should never do, but this music just has that feeling. This music carries us through the film and makes the film fast-paced and making us want more and more.

2. The Godfather

Anyone noting a trend with 1970’s movies on this list? It was a great decade for film scores and that includes one of the best, The Godfather. Nino Rota composed this film’s score by making it feel of the time and placing us into it. The music is haunting using classical orchestral instruments that let you know things are serious here but not always the best. The right intentions are not existent in this score and that feeling of uneasiness is what makes this score so good. You can hear it in any Italian restaurant across the world.

1.Jurassic Park

Finally, coming in at the number one position is John Williams once again taking a victory lap in Jurassic Park. What person doesn’t love dinosaurs? Steven Spielberg certainly loves them and made a film that made us love them as much as he does. John Williams saw that passion and composed a score that just makes you happy. The moment when we see the dinosaurs for the first time and the music starts playing gives you goosebumps and creates a sense of wonder that makes us all believe impossible things can happen. This score is beautiful in every sense of the word and is deserving of the top spot.

Well, there we go, everyone! Our Top 10 ranking of film scores. I hope as you read this list you were able to hum every score as they were revealed. They are essential to a great movie and anyone who says otherwise is just simply wrong. What does your list look like? Let us know in the comments and we will see you next time with another list!