CST Top 10: Top 10 Superhero Portrayals

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Ant-Man and the Wasp being released, we decided to countdown the Top 10 Superhero Portrayals. We wanted to look at acting performances in Superhero films and see which actor portrayed their character the best. We wanted to look at heroes, there will be no villains on this list. We did that list already. So, without further delay, here we go!

10. Chris Evans – Captain America

Starting off the list is Chris Evans. Coming off of his turn as playing The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, people were surprised when he was cast as Captain America. Now look what’s happened. Chris Evans is now one-third of the most successful franchise in the world. He has owned the role of Captain America and made him more than just a boy scout. People will forever know him for this character and he could not deserve it more.

9. Brandon Lee – The Crow

At number nine we have a bit of an unusual choice in Brandon Lee. If you do not know, Brandon Lee starred in The Crow and let himself become fully consumed by the character. He committed to this role so well and it is a shame that he passed away during filming. It was such a tragic death and it makes you wonder what could’ve been. He signed on for sequels but unfortunately, those could not happen. Still, his performance is legendary and one with many fans.

8. Michael Keaton – Batman (1989)/ Batman Returns

Coming in at number eight we have one of the more charismatic actors in Michael Keaton. Adam West was the original Batman, then 1989 came around and Keaton was cast as the character. Michael Keaton was terrific here as the famous character and really proved his doubters wrong. Here we are 29 years later, and people still consider him the best Batman ever. Another actor might have something to say about that…

7. Christian Bale – Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

In at number seven we have another Batman in Christian Bale. Christian Bale is an interesting choice as people either love his performance or just shrug it off. We have a couple member here who have him at number one and some who did not have him at all. I think Bale is elevated by the films he is in but what hurts him in my eyes is the villains he goes against overshadow the star of the film. Regardless, his portrayal of Bruce Wayne is the best of any actor who has tried, and he will always be remembered for the quality of the films he is in.

6. Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

Just missing out on the top five is our only female unfortunately in Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot took the world by storm when she became Wonder Woman and she totally killed this role. She portrayed the innocence of the character so well and was vulnerable yet strong at the same time. She is now the role model for many young girls across the world and people are heavily anticipating the next Wonder Woman just to see her again. She will always be remembered as the first big female hero.

5. Chris Hemsworth – Thor

Starting off the top five we have a choice that I am very happy to see in Chris Hemsworth. If we did this list this time last year, I’m not sure he makes it on here. Then we got Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War and Hemsworth really came into his own as Thor. Thor is now an innocent man in the body of a God and he just feels perfect for the role. I cannot think of Thor without thinking of Chris Hemsworth and that is a testament to how far Hemsworth has taken this character. If he is even better in Avengers 4, I could easily see him moving up the list.

4. Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool

At number four we have Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. The journey to getting this character right on screen has been an interesting one. They completely screwed up the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then we had to wait awhile to see Deadpool again. Then Ryan Reynolds leaked test footage and we realized that he is perfect for the character. Ryan Reynolds is a wise-cracking, dirty jokester and that is exactly what Deadpool is. In just two films he has owned this character and you can see his love for Deadpool. From the movie itself to his commercials, Deadpool has come into the public eye and we have Ryan Reynolds to thank for that.

3. Christopher Reeve – Superman

Coming in at the number three spot is Christopher Reeve as Superman. This is the guy who started it all for the superhero genre. Reeve just had that wonder to him that worked so well for Superman. He made this character who can do anything feel normal and just like us. He will always get the credit for being the original hero and his movies, while they haven’t aged particularly well, he still holds up. Superman is someone everybody knows even if you are not a fan of superheroes and Christopher Reeve is a huge reason for that.

2. Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man

Just missing out on the top spot is the leader of the Marvel franchise in Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. I do not think there has been more perfect casting than this one. Downey Jr. just immediately felt like the character and that he was born to be Tony Stark. From his look, to his attitude, to his actions, Robert Downey Jr. just was a match made in heaven for Iron Man. Had he not been as great as he is, people like Hemsworth and Evans would most likely not be on this list. He launched the Marvel universe of films and continues to lead it ten years later. There will never be another actor to do this character better.

1. Hugh Jackman – Logan/Wolverine

Coming in at the number one position is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Starting back in 1998 when Jackman was cast as Wolverine, people doubted him immediately. He faced one of the worst criticisms I have ever heard being that he was too tall to play the character. 17 years later, he was still playing the character and became one of the most beloved castings of all time. Now people can’t picture another actor in the role. Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine and is deserving of the top spot on the list.

So, there you have it! The Top 10 best Superhero Portrayals of all time. This was such a fun list to come up with as there were plenty of great options. With all the superhero movies coming out nowadays, it would not surprise me to see other actors or actresses make it on here in the future. What does you list look like? Jump into the comments and let us know and we will see you next week with another Top 10 Lists.