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Dan Says… Good Boys are good at being Bad!

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The Good Boys Review


Dan Skip Allen

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg have been responsible for some of the most raunchy and vulgar movies of the last few years. Movies such as Neighbors, Sausage Party and This is the End just to name a few. Good Boys is another film in line with the aforementioned but more in the vain of Superbad. It’s has a hard R rating because of vulgar language and raunchy comedic moments. The fact that the kids who star in this film can’t even attend the premiere without being accompanied by an adult is hilarious without seeing a single minute of the film. 

     Max, portrayed by Jacob Tremblay, gets invited to a kissing party! Yes, I said kissing party. You have to remember that these are middle school kids. Kissing is a big deal to them. Max likes a girl named Brixlee, portrayed by Millie Davis. He needs to learn how to kiss,so he enlists the help of his two best friends Thor, portrayed by Brady Noon, and Lucas, portrayed by Keith L. Williams.  They come up with a plan to learn how to kiss by spying on the next door neighbor Hannah, portrayed by Molly Gordan. When things go wrong, all hell breaks loose. Will Forte and Lil-Rel Howery play Max and Lucas’s fathers. They add a little depth to a cast full of mostly children. 

Jacob Tremblay was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2015 for Room. He has made a nice little career for himself. Later this year he’ll be in Doctor Sleep, based on the worldwide bestseller from Steven King, the sequel to the Shining starring Ewan MaGregor. That is sure to be a big hit.

(from left) Lucas (Keith L. Williams), Max (Jacob Tremblay) and Thor (Brady Noon) in “Good Boys,” written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Stupnitsky.

 Gene Stupnitsky has crafted a down right hilarious film. Comedic moments such as what to do with a female hygiene product had me laughing out loud. Using situations that kids would presumably not understand leads to many laughs throughout the film. Everything is very dramatic to the kids. This makes for many awkward and uncomfortable situations. As a whole,Good Boys has a good story and good heart. The film is well cast. The kids really do a fantastic job. Parents be on the lookout though, this is a very vulgar and raunchy film. I had a blast.

4 Stars

Dan Skip Allen