Dan Says HEARTS BEAT LOUD Will Capture Your Heart.

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Bret Haley has made few really good films in the past 3 years. I’ll See You In My Dreams and The Hero tackled the subjects of senior citizens getting on in their lives. Hearts Beat Loud is about a father daughter relationship before she is about to go off to college. All these films deal with aging men and women having to deal with moving on. The ladder dealing with old age and the sooner is a father dealing with letting go of his daughter.

Kiersey Clemons and Nick Offerman play Sam and Frank Fisher. They live in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY. They have an uneasy relationship at the time shown; but when they were getting along better in the past they would sing karaoke and play music together. Frank convinces Sam to write some more songs. They just jam out and come up with new tunes that way. One song they perform is put on Spotify by Frank. The song becomes a big hit. Sam jokes, “We’re not a band.” Yet it was that joke that ends up forming a band called “We’re Not a Band.” It’s this interesting turn that ignites their relationship again.

Hearts Beat Loud captures your heart. You can’t help but sing along and move to the music. Keegan DeWitt scored the film and wrote all the songs. You’re going to be listening to this soundtrack like you were for Sing Street and Once both directed masterfully by John Carney. The songs have a connection to the characters. Once you listen to them they pull you in. The songs are the glue that holds the film together and in turn holds your interest in it.

At the heart, no pun intended, of this story is a relationship between father and daughter. This film was a tender and sweet look at parenthood. The struggles both parents and children experience are at the forefront in this film. The hardest hitting struggle is how this single father, lost in the past, interacts with his modern intelligent daughter. Bret Haley knows how to finds the soft spots within us with his films and does that again masterfully with Hearts Beat Loud. It will be shocking if people don’t have a tear in their eye and a song in their mind as they walk out of this film.