Dan Says HEREDITARY Is A Mind Blowing Experience That Will Have People Talking For Decades.

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Toni Collette is no stranger to paranormal activities in her career. She starred opposite Haley Joel Osment and Bruce Willis in the horror classic the Sixth Sense.  She also seems to be typecast as a mother a lot as well that is demonstrated in Little Miss Sunshine and The Way Way Back. She’s encompasses both in Hereditary.

There is a tension that can be felt from the beginning. Annie, Collette, is married to Steve, portrayed by Gabriel Byrne, and they have two children. Charlie a preteen girl, played by Milly Shapiro, is quite the odd kid and Peter being the typical older teenager who likes to smoke weed with his buddies is, portrayed by Alex Wolf. The opening funeral scene continues to put many horror movie tropes in view such as the likes of birds flying into windows and doors opening on their own. The genre is played well without being typical. It keeps you guessing to keep you invested in the film. If the characters are freaked out by things going on, then you will be as well. Jump scares aside, this has a lot of crazy visuals such as triangles on the floor signifying satanic rituals. Charlie building dolls out junk is a little off the wall as well. This film has a lot thing that happen that make you think why did they do that and for what reason.

Graphic scenes in this film resemble scenes from other horror films.  The Ring and The Witch are two that come to mind with this kind of imagery. Ari Aster, the director of Hereditary, goes above and beyond to keep the audience freaked out with quite a few scenes of graphic and disturbing visuals. Best known for his short film in 2011 A Strange Thing About the Johnson’s Aster, he tends to do crazy things with the family dynamic.

A24 has come into their own over the last four or five years. With so many underrated horror classics like Ex-Machina, A Ghost Story and It Comes at Night among their best over that time span. Rarely have we seen such a studio do so many critically acclaimed films and audience favorites alike. Hereditary is another hit that they are sure to be happy with.

Hereditary is a mind-blowing experience.  Then you just say to yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?” This film will have you thinking about for days on end. You will never look at the family dynamic the same ever again. The praise this film got coming out of the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas is well deserved. The horror genre is officially back,if it wasn’t already. Hereditary is a film people with be talking about for decades in the vain of The Exorcist and Jaws.