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Dan says… Midsommar is Cringe Worthy at times!

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Dan Skip Allen

    Ari Aster has done it again. Midsommar is a total mind F. When I walked out of the theater I said to myself what the eff did I just watch. In a good way. He puts the knife in and twists it and you have nowhere to go. You have to sit there and endure 2 hrs and 20 minutes off what the F. He made an absolute masterpiece last year with Hereditary and this year Midsommar is his followup. Midsommar isn’t your typical summer movie so don’t mistake it for some kind of happy go lucky film where everybody sings kumbaya. It’s not that. It’s far from that. It’s raw and dark at times  even cringe worthy.

Florence Pugh; Jack Reynor DSCF2781.JPG

   Dani is portrayed by Florence Pugh. Fresh off of her star making performance as Paige in Fighting with my Family. In that she film she had get black hair and in Midsommar she has blonde hair. She’s almost unrecognizable. The way she talks and dresses is completely different from Fighting with my Family. Dani is dating Christian, he’s portrayed by Jack Raynor from Sing Street fame. He’s friends with Mark, portrayed by Will Poulter last seen in Detroit, Josh, portrayed by William Jackson and Pelle, portrayed by Vilhelm Blomgren. Pelle invites his friends to go to Sweden on a vacation. He lives on a commune so this is a very different existence for the others. They are in for a big surprise.They are up for anything. They quickly start to enjoy the spoils of the community. Such as smoking mushrooms, feasts, cummenal sleeping quarters and a totally different life style. What seems like an idyllic  lifestyle quickly turns into a nightmare.

   A24 has been hitting it out of the park lately with so many indie darlings. Some hit the public eye more than others such as Eighth Grade, First Reformed and Hereditary. Others being more under the radar films but, equally good such as Climax, Gloria Bell and High Life. This summer alone A24 has The Souvenir, The Last Black Man in San Francisco and The Farewell still to come out. All are getting great reviews. This is the 2nd time they teamed up with Ari Aster. I think this relationship will be very fruitful. A24 along with Blumhouse/Universal pictures Focus Features are killing it right now. And there is no stopping them any time soon. They still have The Lighthouse which premiered at the Canne Film Festival to huge applause and rave reviews coming out later this year. They will be a presence at the Academy Awards that for sure.

    The horror genre has been killing it the last four or so years. And Ari Aster has contributed to this success with Hereditary now Midsommar. Midsommar isn’t your everyday run of the mill horror movie though. It’s vastly different than anything you’ve seen in the past or anything you’ll see again. Aster makes every seen very dramatic do to a haunting score. His editing of quick cut keep you on your feet. You don’t know what’s coming next. Especially when our characters are high on something. Or something they drank. This film has secrets upon secrets that keep unl-peeling like a piece of fruit. Your jaw will be on the floor before you even get to the opening credits. That’s how crazy and off the wall this film is. While Midsommar isn’t the best film of the year it’s the most polarizing film you’ll see all year. That’s a good thing. Seeing different kinds of films is a good thing. Midsommar is definitely different, but not for everybody. Definitely not for the squeamish. Go see this film if you like unconventional films.

4 stars

Dan Skip Allen