Dan Says THE KING Is An Enjoyable Film With An Interesting Political Agenda.

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The King, as you may have surmised, is about Elvis Presley, or rather people driving around in The King’s 1963 Rolls Royce reminiscing about him, his life, and his legacy. Eugene Jarecki takes a road trip across the country interviewing actors, musicians and notables as they talk about the legend and interesting theories surrounding him. Some being good and some being bad.

Doing this film over the backdrop of the 2016 presidential election was an interesting contrast. The rise and fall of Elvis was very parallel to the country during his time, with him being an unknown to becoming the biggest star in the world. The explosion in his recognition proved to be dangerous for Elvis, with words such as excess and gluttony coming to mind when describing him. Much like the country today.

Comparing Elvis’s life to the country is a wise choice with his ups and downs being very similar to the country’s disillusionment at time. When he was young the country was a great place to be. The older he got the more the country became a difficult place to live. The fact remains though he is still the reigning king of Rock n Roll and America is the still king of the free world. His life and the USA really do line up pretty evenly.

As for the movie, the political views of this film maker and his interviewees are evident. They don’t like what is going on and they don’t like the president elect either. Using a film about Elvis to get your political views out in the open is a little heavy handed. Maybe disguising this film as a documentary about Elvis was the way he could get people to finance and distribute it for him, but it was an odd choice to push the political agenda. It’s not a film for everybody especially right-wing people but enjoyable none the less.